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Muslim Traveller in Europe

I am Esra, a Saudi content creator based in London. I document all my travels as a Muslim millennial travelling and living mindfully. I look for women friendly experiences wherever I go. I have been fortunate to visit 32 countries so far and the rest of the world is on my wish list!

I left my home in Saudi when I was 17 after I graduated from high school to go to university in the US. Four years later, I moved to the UK and started my university degree again! I first was in Manchester, but I then moved to London and that last move turned me into a travel blogger! I suddenly had four possible airports around me and so many cheap budget flights.

When I was growing up, I never thought I would have this lifestyle that allows me to travel and I never thought of all the countries I would visit. I am very grateful to be able to visit over 30 countries with my Saudi passport. Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures first hand is such a privilege. My travels increased after I started this blog and I am looking forward to sharing more of the world with you, so you can plan your travels with more insight. I focus on Muslim female friendly destinations worldwide because I know that as a Muslim, I travel slightly differently than other religious groups. Architectural heritage is one of my travel interests since that is what I studied in university and my love for outdoor activities is increasing with every new thing I try! :D 

Think of this blog as you friend telling you about her latest trip, but with more details (and photos) that you can use when you plan your next holiday. This blog is a proof that you do not need lots of money to afford to travel. It is a moderate approach to budget friendly and stylish travel. That is why I add the money aspect to my posts. I like my comfort, so I am not into extreme budgeting and backpacking.

Muslim Travel Blogger in London
Arab Travel Blogger in London

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I look for creative & fun Muslim friendly experiences worldwide. 

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