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Muslim Traveller in Europe

My name is Esra Alhamal and I am a Saudi travel blogger based in London. I share my travel experiences as an Arab Muslim woman traveling solo or with friends on here and on YouTube. When I was growing up, I never thought I would have this lifestyle that allows me to travel and I never thought of all the countries I would visit, but my life took me abroad from Saudi to the US and then to the UK. Most of my travelling started when I moved to London. I am very grateful to be able to visit over 30 countries with my Saudi passport. Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures first hand is such a privilege. My travels increased after I started this blog and I am looking forward to sharing more of the world with you, so you can plan your travels with more insight. I focus on Muslim female friendly destinations worldwide because I know that as a Muslim, I travel slightly differently than other religious groups.

Architectural heritage is one of my travel interests since that is what I studied in university and my love for outdoor activities is increasing with every new thing I try! :D 

Muslim Travel Blogger in London
Arab Travel Blogger in London

To contact me, either email me on hello(at) or use the contact form on here.  

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