Msayaan Restaurant kuwait

While my friend and I were walking around the Mubarkiah traditional souq few weeks ago, we spotted a very pretty looking restaurant. A well composed interior space and a good looking menu is all it took. Msayaan Restaurant's location was great as well. It was right at the beginning of the souq and in front of that "I Love You Kuwait" graffiti. We arrived early when the restaurant was still empty and I was able to take all the snaps below. I loved how they injected their brand and name into everything including adding an Arabic vowl "shadah" to the design of the chairs, the menu and the chair cushions " ّ  ". The patterns on the walls were detailed. They were redrawn on the glass wall and the wooden fence as well, which gave a continuation to the design from the inside to the outside. I thought it was designed really nicely.  

Let the ordering begin. Their menu was a little weird. I expected it to have more traditional Kuwaiti food, but it was eclectic with a selection of the most popular food people usually eat when they go out. I was hesitant with the food choices, but they all turned out really nice! My friend and I had the Shrimps In Pajama starter. I had the Shrimps Magluba, which was really nice. My friend had their Burg Trio and she loved it. The portions were on the small side so we had space for some dessert for the first time. The hot cookies with nutella and ice cream were so good. I can totally justify the calories in them. 

Kuwaiti Food
Kuwaiti Food
Mini Burgers
The dessert photo was even featured on their   instagram page 

The dessert photo was even featured on their instagram page 

If you are in the area make sure you visit! 

Kuwait At Night

There is something beautiful about lights shining through the dark night sky. In big cities we don't get many stars, but at least we get shiny buildings sparkling and filling our worlds with light. Kuwait is very charming at night and these are few photos I snapped from the Souq Sharq's outside area of the city's skyline. 

Souq Almubarkiah, Kuwait

Two weeks ago, I went to Kuwait for the first time to attend a design conference and I stayed few more days to checkout what the city got to offer. One of the places I loved when I visited was Souq AlMubarkiah. It is the oldest market in Kuwait City and it was the trade centre of the city before the discovery of oil. It has been rebuilt and renovated through the years and lost a lot of the original structure, but it's still very charming. It was established by the 7th Kuwaiti ruler, Mubark AlSabah hence the name. It is a lovely market with a really nice design and I loved all the lights. They sell lots of things there from fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to homeware and fashion. There are also a number of restaurants there from the fancy ones to the modest ones that serve delicious smelling and looking food. Take a look at the photos below to get an idea of the products and how it all looks.