Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is surly very grand. I have been wanting to go for a while. I am glad I finally got the chance. The white domes and arches reflecting on water from one side and on marble from the other are beautiful sights. I stayed there for two hours with my friends photographing everything. I mostly spent my time outside of the mosque. The interior design did not match the grandeur of the architecture sadly. The patterns, the colours and the fixtures used in the interior design were overwhelming and were lacking in taste, which is a shame because there is so much potential inside. The official website -SZGMC- says it is "Combining Mamluk, Ottoman and Fatimid styles" but I have studied those styles in my journey in Islamic Patterns and sadly I would have to disagree. The combination of the styles was not harmonious and felt very random. I am sorry to say this, but in some places the design was even tacky, especially the golden palm tree column topers. I wish that the architectural firm consulted Islamic pattern teachers and artists about patterns before making those unfortunate decisions. The interior space feels like an outer space bonanza rather than a spiritual sanctuary. The chandeliers especially look like spaceships. It actually feels like the interior design team made their decisions based on "they are rich arabs who lack sophistication let's give them big flashy space fillers". For the trained eye, the interior lacks some serious research. Regardless, the exterior is pleasing to the eye and the mosque is worth visiting. 

Picasso & Miro in Dubai

I am in LOVE with the art scene in Dubai and the interest they have generated in the past few years. In my last visit, I was lucky to find the Picasso & Moir exhibition in the Annex One in Burj Khalifah. I really enjoyed it! I stayed there for a little over an hour, but I was doing it all slow in purpose because I wanted to take it all in and fully enjoy the art. I also rented the audio guide, which made my visit richer. Photography was allowed and that’s always a major plus for me.


Picasso & Moir exhibition in the Annex One in Burj Khalifah

There were works from the early years of Picasso when he did his natural history studies and then moved to various styles and expressions. As he grew, his art grew with him. It was interesting to see a range of his work.

Sketches from Picasso
Sketches from Picasso
Sketches from Picasso
portrait from Picasso

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction " Picasso. 

Blue Period, Picasso
illustrations by Picasso

 Alongside the work of Picasso, there were pieces from Joan Miro, where he aimed to unite text and illustrations because he believed there is no distinction between painting and poetry. 

Picasso & Miro in Dubai
Joan Miro
Painting by Joan Miro

"The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executes with clinical coolness" JoanMiro. 

Colourful Illustrations by Joan Miro

"I try to apply colour like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music" Joan Miro. 

Art Gallery in Burj Khalifah in Dubai
Poetry in Painting by Joan Miro

When The Weather is Good in Dubai

I happened to visit Dubai in March. The first two nights were perfect. It was a little humid, but mostly beautiful. In my last day, the weather was insane! They say that amount of rain was unheard of. Possibly because Dubai was sad I was leaving? I kid! Anyway, if you are going there these coming weeks, make sure to use the nice weather to the fullest. Here are some ideas from what I did! :)  

1- 3D Street Painting 

These paintings are in The Walk, Jumeriah Beach. The big 3D paintings are placed on the pavement and some of the walls. Some paintings were very  impressive. It was fun standing in the right spots and taking pictures. the Cube and the giraffe were AMAZING. They were completely flat on the floor, but they felt so 3D to me. 

3D Doll Street Painting in Dubai
3D Circus Street Painting in Dubai
3D Rabit Street Painting in Dubai
3D Cube Street Painting in Dubai
3D Cube Street Painting in Dubai
3D Giraffe Street Painting in Dubai
3D Giraffe Street Painting in Dubai

2-  Beach + Burgers 

The public beach at Jumeirah was actually really good. I didn’t swim because it was too windy, but just sitting there and collecting shells was very soothing and much needed. Being there really worked up my appetite and I had to try the very famous Salt burgers. I tried the chicken Cheetos and Darn they were AMAZING. 

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai
Arabs Tower Burj Al Arab in Dubai
Salt Burger Joint in Dubai
Salt Burger Joint in Dubai

3- Heritage Village Dubai 

I have been wanting to visit the heritage village for the longest time, but the weather has always been too hot. Thankfully this time, I got to go. I only had time to visit the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, but I really enjoyed it. The house dates to 1896. This is the traditional building structure of the traditional gulf house. It is the same style as the old houses from the East of Saudi where I am from. The house contains few gallery rooms with photographs and objects. I found it very interesting. I took about an hour there and I could have stayed longer.  

Heritage Village Dubai
Windcatcher in the traditional Arabian house
Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House in Dubai
Fishermen Life in Dubai
Traditional Objects from Dubai
Geometric Patterns in Traditional Arabian Gulf Houses
Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House in Dubai

4- Outdoor Cinema at Vox Cinema

Hope it’s not destroyed by the rain! The movie they were screening was a very pathetic choice. "London Has Fallen" was extremely violent and really silly. The "hero" didn’t even get one scratch until he killed about 300 people. Regardless of the movie, it was a great experience. The breeze was so refreshing, the stars and planes were sparkling in the sky and the chairs were very comfortable. I got a food bucket with my ticket too! I would go again.   

Vox Cinemas Dubai
Outdoor Cinema Dubai