Khobar Saudi

Loud Art 2015, Collaborative Art Exhibition in Saudi

Last year, I blogged about the Saudi Artistic scene and how it is changing and developing. I mainly talked about Loud Art, an annual art exhibition that supports young and new talents in Saudi and the surrounding gulf area. This year I was very fortunate to take part of this year's Loud Art exhibition. I was very thrilled that my work was chosen. This year's concept was reinterpreting contemporary. So, I mixed the patterns from the past with the passion I have for them and created something new. My aim was to make contemporary art relevant to our current state of mind and set of skills.

I participated with a couple of photographs that I took myself in Morocco and Spain and integrated them with hand coloured Islamic geometric patterns. I also submitted a few detailed illuminations that I did following the traditional order, but with a contemporary twist. You can see my stand and some of my work below. 

The exhibition took place in Desert Designs in Khobar. A number of very talented artists participated as well. Their work was amazing and made the exhibition a great success. I was happy to be part of it all. 

Here is a virtual walk through the exhibition if you couldn't make it by Marsala Studio.

Saudi Dining: Fushi

Food is what I enjoy the most in Saudi. I believe that we have a great selection of restaurants all around. After all this is the second most common thing to do in Saudi; going out to eat. The first top thing is shopping of course. One of my favourite restaurants in Khobar is Fushi! I actually miss it when I am travelling. Only problem is it's FAAAAR from where I live (half an hour feels like ages when you are only going out to eat). It's on Khobar Corniche just before the big Jareer bookstore. So, I only go there when I have an errand to run in that area. Although, it's worth the trip!     

 The atmosphere is pretty chilled out. They have a strong brand image focusing on two colors; pink and green. Fushi is focused on Asian food and the interior ties into it with Asian inspired chairs and wall treatments. The space is divided brilliantly with a Japanese style door instead of having just one boring continuos space. That division gives it an interesting visual. Take a look at the space.

The chairs are nice looking, but the ones in the pictures above are not comfortable at all. They fit with the interior, but it's not fitting for the purpose. It's a restaurant where a customer will be mainly sitting, so having uncomfortable sitting is a little off putting.  

NOTE: There are stairs to get to the family dining area, and they don't have an elevator, but they said they could accommodate for wheelchair users downstairs. I would call to reserve in advance though! 

The overall branding of Fushi is smart. Even their table-mats have their logo, which is an illustration of sushi (the main thing they serve). I was waiting for takeouts!  

I loved those Gyozas so much that I had to eat them in the car! I got fried and steamed, and the steamed ones won hands down! 

When I was choosing the sushi I wanted, it was really hard choosing just one, but I had to control myself. I settled for the shrimp kimono, and it was delicious! Looking at the picture now makes my mouth water! 

 Of course there was a main dish too! I wasn't eating alone. I shared everything :) Their lemon chicken is pretty nice, a bit too oily, but nice regardless.

 When I have the food in the restaurant, I usually get this amazing sizzling brownies. Couldn't have it wrapped and to go sadly, but that's a reason to go next time! :)