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Day trip from Prague: Kutna Hora 

Day trip from Prague: Kutna Hora 

When I was planning my short trip to Prague, I knew I wanted to do at least one day trip to explore beyond the usual boarders of the city. So, I found a little day trip to Kutna Hora that looked SO GOOD for a very reasonable price: 700 czk. The total time of the trip was 6 hours from 11am at the meeting point to 7pm when you arrive back to Prague (including the train journey of one hour each way). 

Things I got to see on the tour: 

  • The Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Chapel)
  • Saint Barbara’s Church
  • Hrádek
  • The Hussite Wars
  • Sankturin House
  • The Plague Column
  • Bohemia’s oldest Cistercian Monastery
  • St. James’ Church
  • The Italian Court
  • and a few other things. 
Book your tour: Prague Kutna Hora and Bone Chapel Tour

Highlights of Kutna Hora

The Sedlec Ossuary Known as the Bones Church

That was actually the reason I chose this trip. It just sounded very bazar that I had to go see it. It was like going into a Halloween party except that the decorations were REAL human bones. They belonged to 65 thousand bodies! These people died from various diseases, but were dug up when the cemetery ran out of space and when the people of the land wanted to make space to build the new church. The bones were previously made into six pyramids until the King decided to commission a wood carver to use some of the bones to decorate the church. I am not sure what possessed the King to think of such commission. The result is creepy, but kind of creative. The masterpiece is the chandelier of life when I walk in the church. The church is very small and since it's an attraction it was kind of crowded. It only takes half an hour to see it all. There is an upstairs section for the actual worship and services that is bone free.  

St. Barbara's Church

Going to the St.Barbra's church was my absolute highlight of the day. I knew it was one of the places we were heading to, but I didn't actually look it up, so when I got there I was very pleasantly surprised. It was absolutely grand. I really loved it. 

Other spots in Kutna Hora:  

Kutna Hora is full of surprises and it's surly more than just the bone church. There are a few other churches to see and little neighbourhood. So it was great having a tour guide telling us everything about the things we passed by. I highly recommend going there. 

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Over to you: Would you like to go on this day trip?! 

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague 

I only visited Prague for five days, so this list is not the most comprehensive and the locations are slightly random, but I was impressed with the vegetarian scene there that I decided to share the yummy places I visited with you in case you wanted to try them yourself. Ps. some of the options are a little bit of a splurge so I included how much I paid for each to give you an idea, but you can check their menus to see prices before going. 


  • Breakfast Cafes in Prague

  • Dinner in Prague (the choices are also suitable for lunch)

  • Halal Options in Prague

Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

Breakfast Cafes in Prague

Kavarna Kaaba
Address: Mánesova 20 Prague 2
Vegetarian options available
Price 134 čzk

This place was really lovely and had good breakfast options. It was so cozy and it gives you a little insight of the everyday people of Prague. Most people seemed like they are locals. They have a really cute OLD dog there that hangs out but very well behaved. 

EMA, Espresso Bar
Address: Na Florenci 3, 110 00 Praha 1
Vegetarian options available
Price 134 čzk

This was a really lovely find and as the name suggests it's about coffee and espressos, but they did a very rich and yummy hot chocolate. They also do sandwiches and desserts. 

EMA Espresso Bar Prague - Breakfast in Prague

Dinner in Prague (the choices are also suitable for lunch)

Tips in Czech culture: It doesn't seem to be expected, but people do round up the numbers when paying. 

Note: all restaurants below serve alcohol. 

Kofein Restaurant
Address: Nitranska 9, 130 00 Prague 3 | GPS: 50°4'33.292"N, 14°27'0.990"E
Serves meat and vegetarian options
Price: 485čzk

This restaurant was suggested by Katie, a travel blogger at Study Hard, Travel Smart.
This restaurant is not completely vegetarian, but includes a few good yummy cold and hot vegetarian tapas. I got three and loved them all: fennel salad, aubergine & fish. I also enjoyed their dessert. I tried the crumble with pineapples and almonds. The photos below are from the restaurant's gallery. I was too hungry and I just ate everything right away! 

Read: Katie's extensive list of recommended restaurants

Address: Týnská ulička 1064/6, Praha 1 - Old Town
Completely vegetarian
Price 445 čzk 

I didn't even know about this until I started looking for food after the Jewish Quarter Tour. It was the best find! They also serve traditional vegetarian Czech food, which I was very happy to try!   

Lehka Hlava (meaning Clear Head) 
Address: Boršov 2/280, Praha 1 - Staré Město
Completely vegetarian
Price 395 čzk

Funnily, this place is the second branch of the first vegetarian restaurant I tried! I didn't realise they are the same until I went in and saw the familiar branding and menu! Again, I was very pleased to have found this. The food is delicious and they have creative options as well! 

Ps. Photos below are from the restaurant's gallery. I don't know how I managed to eat without taking food photos! 

Address: Opatovická 17 Praha 1
Completely vegetarian
Price: 430 čzk

This restaurant was completely amazing! We were very luck we found it and found a table there! It got really busy after 6:30, but the food options are delicious and inventive. 

Halal Options in Prague

There are a few halal options I found online that looks yummy such as:

I haven't tried them, but if you do please let me know what you think! 

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Over to you: which one are you likely try? And do you have any recommendations of vegetarian or seafood food you loved in Prague? 

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Jewish History in Prague 

Jewish Quarter in Prague

Jewish Quarter in Prague

I knew that Prague housed many Jews in the past and I really wanted to know more about their history since I was visiting the city for the first time. I took a guided tour through the Jewish quarter. The thing I enjoyed about the tour is all the information that I got. I actually remember the stories better when they are personal and related to the location. Only two of the Synagogues hold service. The rest were turned into museums because there are not enough practicing male members in the Jewish community. Luckily, I did the tour on Tuesday, which was the last day before a three day Jewish holiday! Make sure you check the calendar when you are planning you trip. My friends who joined me the next day were force to miss all of these sights because they were closed! 

Book your tour: Prague: Jewish Quarter with Admission Tickets
The price includes all the entry tickets and a tour guide for three hours: 1200- 950 czk (might differ based on tour oporeator)
Jewish Tour Review in Prague

Places included with the tour:  

  • Old New Synagogue (Europe’s oldest surviving synagogue built in 1270)
  • Klausen Synagogue
  • Pinkas Synagogue
  • Spanish Synagogue
  • Old Jewish Cemetery

The tour guide started with the Jewish history from the first settlements until the horrific fate of the Jews during the Second World War. We started with the oldest standing synagogue in Europe that dates back to the 13th century. It's good to see, but not as impressive as you would think. It's on the small site and takes about ten minutes to see. We continued visiting the synagogus and learning so much about them. All of the ones we visited exceot the "Old New Synagogue" have been turned to museums and galleries. 

Spanish Synagogue

This specific synagogue was one of the major contributors of me booking the tour! I saw some of the photos online and I instantly wanted to go and see it in person. It was stunning in every way. Such great care for details and patterns. 

Addition: Jerusalem Synagogue

This was not part of the tour, but I passed by it on another day while I was in Prague. It looked really beautiful from the outside. This one was built to compensate the Jewish people for all their losses. 

If you want to know even more about the Jewish history, you can take a day trip to one of the city of Terezín, where sadly a concentration camp existed. I couldn't deal with the amount of sadness of that place, so I didn't go. 

Here are two books if you would like to read more about the Jewish History in Prague: 

Here's a little video of my Jewish Quarter Tour! 

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Three days Itinerary in Prague (Alcohol Free Prague Holiday) 

For the past two years, Prague kept popping up as a destination and the more photos I saw, the more I wanted to go! I finally managed to go with two of my girls in October 2017 for five nights. The weather was actually perfect in October. I thought it would be too cold, but it was nice. I even got to see the autumn leaves before they fall. I liked that time of the year because it wasn't too busy. 

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Although Prague is a compact city, you can easily spend a week there to see everything. I would advice you to do your research and decide the things you want to do before getting there. Hopefully this post will give you a few ideas based on the activities I have done and enjoyed. 


  • Prague's Transportation

  • Prague's Activities

  • Prague's Budget

  • Prague's Areas & Accommodations

  • Prague's Vegan and Vegetarian food

  • Muslims in Prague

  • Day Trip from Prague


Lonely Planet Prague & the Czech Republic (Travel Guide)
By Lonely Planet, Mark Baker, Neil Wilson

Prague's Transportation

The city is not big, so you can surly do it only by foot, but if you decided to stay slightly further out like we did, then their trams and buses will be a good option! I used Google Maps for times and directions. There are digital boards by the tram stops to tell you when to expect your ride. I thought the easiest thing is to get a 72 hours pass (310czk) to use all transports, but you can keep buying tickets based on your need. they have a single ticket valid for 30 mins (24czk) and 90mins (32czk). There is a 24 hours pass (110czk) as well. You get your tickets from the machines near the trams. I got mine from the airport and I used it for the bus from the airport to the city and the rest of my transportation for my time there. You have to validate the ticket once you get on the tram or bus. 

Prague's Activities

I fully packed my three days there and I really loved it. This little city can keep you very busy for a few days! I had to go see the churches, synagogues and a number of secular buildings. The walking tours I took were the highlight of my trip. Keep on reading to find out about the activities in details! 

First Activity in Prague: Wandering in the old town

The first part of the old town -before you cross the bridge to go to the castle side- is really cool and that's how I started getting to know the city. In there you can visit the Mucha Museum, Town Hall, Prague's astronomical and the St. Nicholas Church. There is certainly more to see, but those are the four I enjoyed the most.

Mucha Museum was my highlight though. Photography and video isn't allowed, but I enjoyed his work. It's a small museum, so expect to finish it in an hour, but it's full of creativity and I think it will help you understand the art scene of the city. 

For the town hall, we went on the guided tour and it was very informative, but it took longer than expected and it was too detailed. It was really interesting seeing the famous clock from the inside. The Prague's astronomical clock were nice to see, but I didn't find them exceptionally memorable. When the clock ticks on the hour and the sculpted saints come out, the whole space in front of the clock is filled with people. 

St. Nicholas Church was fabulous. I really liked the light airy interior space inside with the chandelier. It's a small space and only took me 20 minutes including reading the information and taking the picture, but it was nice to go in.  

Second Activity in Prague: Visit the Jewish Quarter

I think one of my favourite activities in Prague was going on the Jewish quarter tour. I found the history fascinating and the guide knew everything there is to know. You can do this on your own and pay each admission and just read the information, but the tour was very reasonably priced for three hours. Dedicated post on this coming up! 

Book your tour: Prague: Jewish Quarter with Admission Tickets

Jewish Tour in Prague

Third Activity in Prague: Crossing the bridge to the Prague Castle

Heads up, the Prague castle is a square shape complex as you see in the picture below, but when you pass it you get to see a number of interesting buildings. My highlight was the fascinating St. Vitus Cathedral, which is the gothic building you see popping from the other side of the river. I booked an afternoon tour to go to that side, which was such a good timing because it was really quiet and I got to learn so much about the history and the mythes of the city. 

Book your tour: Prague Castle Complex 2-Hour Guided Tour

Fourth Activity in Prague: Go see Prague from the top

The architecture in Prague is unique and churches are famous for the "onion shaped" domes. The city looks even more beautiful from the top. There are a few points to see the city from up high. The one I went to and enjoyed was the Powder Tower (Tip: You get an entrance for it with the town hall ticket!)

Not so impressive Prague activities: 

Many bloggers raved about a handful of "must see" places that I didn't find mind blowing and thought I will share my opinion with you in case your time is tight in you are trying to choose between activities. The three not so impressive activities were the Charles Bridge, the National museum and the John Lennon Wall. Don't get me wrong they are lovely, but they aren't as amazing as I was lead to believe. The Charles Bridge is SUPER crowded and people barley move. You stop every two second because someone is taking a picture. I really loved the sculptures on it and the myth of the bridge. 

According to one of legends, the builders of the Charles Bridge decided to strengthen the bridge by adding raw eggs into a mortar. There were not enough eggs in Prague, so that they were brought from every corner of the land and the inhabitants in one of the regions were afraid that the eggs would break during the transport, so that they sent them boiled – to the great amusement of the whole of Prague (source).

I was very looking forward to the John Lennon Wall, but the graffiti when I went was very basic and immature. It changes all the time, so maybe I just didn't have a great luck in seeing something creative. The only highlight was the cute owl that I took a photo with. The wall itself is on the small side, so manage your expectations. 

The National Museum was my biggest let down, but I am to blame for not researching it enough before visiting. The museum has moved from the gorgeous looking old building to a new modern glass building, which wasn't impressive. The collection in there was also average and I felt like I really wasted my time going there. I wish I used those two hours going somewhere else. 

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

Prague's Budget How much money do you need for Prague?

Let's talk money because it is an important aspect of your trip! Here's the breakdown of my trip. You can either do it cheaper or more expensive depending on your choices. 

  • Flights
    Ryan Air £40 (return from/to London Stansted)

  • Accommodations
    £25.25/night in a basic hotel for a single bed room slightly out of the town centre

  • Transportation
    72 hours pass 310czk

  • Activities

    • Castle Tour 300 czk

    • Jewish Quarter Tour 1200 czk adults / 950 czk students

    • National Museum 200 czk adults / 140 czk students

    • Mucha Museum 240 czk adults / 160 czk students

    • Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock 250 czk adults / 150 czk students

    • Day Trip Tour to Kutna Hora 700 czk

  • Food
    Food was my biggest spending. I just couldn't help myself! I love good food.
    I spent about 120czk (£4) for most meals, but sometimes it went to 350czk (£12) for some of the fancy dinners I had.

Prague's Areas & Accommodations

When I visited Prague, I stayed in Pension Prague City. It was a really nice and basic hotel with cleaning bedding. The staff were very nice to me and helped me with directions. This place has two buildings and doesn't have an elevator! Thankfully, I was given a room on the first floor, so it was only one flight of stairs for me. The area was safe, but the bar/resturant across the street is a little loud.

I also looked up a few other options that are also on a midrange budget in good locations if you would like to take a look at them. 

You can also do your own search in whatever trusted accommodation website you like the most. I use booking because of the easy map and review functions.

Prague's Vegan and Vegetarian food

I was impressed with the vegan options in Prague. I surly wasn't expecting that! There is a dedicated post for the food coming up! In terms of halal food in Prague, I didn't really seek any since I was very happy with the vegan options they had! If you really want halal option you can look at them on the Zabiha website. 

Muslims in Prague

I was a little worried going to Prague with a scarf especially after an article about me was published in Czech magazine. Sadly it didn't get a lot of love, but I am glad I didn't let the "not very nice" comments stop me and I went anyway. My two friends and I were visibly Muslims with our headscarves, but thankfully we didn't get any abuse. People there were friendly and helpful. I also did two days solo before my friends joined me and the treatment was still ok. We were only there for four days, so not a great measure, but I felt absolutely comfortable. Here is an article from Talah Nadeem about Life as a Muslim in Prague. In terms of mosques in Prague, I didn't personally go to any, but when I looked up mosques on Google I got these two main ones: Islámské centrum v centru Prahy and Mosque Černý Most. Both seem to be within a regular building style. 

mosques in Prague

Day Trip from Prague

I love day trips as you might have noticed! I just don't like to only stay in the city. Venturing out always gives me a better understanding of the place, so when I planned my trip, I knew this is something I wanted to do. There are a few day trips, but many cool places are three hours a way and I didn't want to travel for ages, so I opted for Kutna Hora, which was one hour a way! I have a dedicated post about it coming up! 

Book your tour: Prague Kutna Hora and Bone Chapel Tour

Day Trip from Prague

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I think Prague is surly worth a visit. If you want to get a better feel of the city. You are welcome to watch my Prague videos on Youtube! 

Over to you: Are you planning a trip to Prague? What would you like to do/see the most?