The Jungle Restaurant

Muscat is a great beach city as I mentioned at the beginning of this travel series, but the city is growing rapidly and more restaurants are opening!

A really nice one that is very suitable for families and small children is The Jungle restaurant. The decor outside and by the entrance was fun with trees, waterfall and big dinosaurs. The children that were there were so excited about the dinos especially. I went for dinner and it was too dark for proper exterior photos. 

The interior space had few cool elements like the drawings on the ceiling and the decorated columns. Everything was true including the outfits of the waiters and waitresses who dressed like jungle explorers. I thought that was very cool.  

The menu had many options from grills to sandwiches and the choices we picked were so yummy, but the service was slow. Overall, it was a good restaurant to try and children will LOVE it.  

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