Storehouse Explained

Happy Monday everyone! 

Storehouse App

A new app called Storehouse has emerged. I found out about it two weeks ago, but I dismissed it feeling overwhelmed with the amount of apps I am already using, but I noticed that a lot of the celebs and popular bloggers I am following started using it. So, I had to try it for myself. I didn't want to be a late comer to the game like I did with instagram two/three years ago. 

Storehouse has been out for a whole year. I am surprised I have only learnt about it. It has won the Apple Design Award in 2014.

Basically, it is an app that tells a visual story with photos, videos and text. You might think it's like Instagram, but I assure you it is different. As a user, I find it very similar to two apps: Snapchat (Discover tab specifically) and Bloglovin. Storehouse is surly their love child. If you have used those apps, you would know what I am talking about. If not, let me tell you more. Storehouse enables you to share your story/adventure/experience/news with photos, videos (that start playing right away) and text (with any amount of word count you want).

These are screen shots showing you what the bottom buttons are for: 

Home, Search, Post, Notifications and Profile 










In your profile settings, you can add a bio, a website, a profile photo and a cover photo. I would advice to fill these in because this is your chance to tell people about you. I always find it strange when people expect you to follow them back and they haven't even bothered to tell us why. Another cool thing is that you can link your other social media apps to find contacts, be found by contacts and to import photos or videos. The dropbox idea is great, especially for bloggers with big size images from their cameras.

Designer Esra on Storehouse
Linking Accounts on Storehouse

Sharing a story

To share, you start with choosing a photo or a video to be the thumbnail and then you fill up the post with more photos/ videos and text. So far, the app is available for iphone/ipad users, but the company is working on an andriod compatible copy.   

(from post button- that circle in the middle of the bottom line)  This is an example of a story I shared earlier today about juicing. I picked few photos from my camera roll in bulk. Then added text. You have the freedom to arrange the photos and resize them easily. You can import photos from your camera roll, other social apps, dropbox and even Lightroom! It is super quick and easy. It's like an alternative blog, but way quicker. For example, I sometimes use the Squarespace blogging app and this puts it to shame! I wish Squarespace have thought of this.  If you publish a story and you are no longer happy with it you can unpublish it or edit it. After your story is published, you can add hashtags just like you do on twitter and instagram, so other users can find your story. 

Dropbox on Storehouse
Sharing a story on Storehouse
Edit Story on Storehouse

App Features

You can like people's stories and republish them. What you like and republish will appear on your profile. Alongside your live stories you created and the drafts you are working on. 

republish on storehouse
Storehouse Profile
sharing on storehouse

You can also share the story links in various ways and if the person is on a twitter, they get automatically included in the tweet. 

Note: There is no -mention- feature like instagram or twitter when you are responding to a comment. Although, you can like person's comment on there. 

The profile cannot be private because it's just like a blog or a website, but you can block people. There is no private messaging either. 

Ideas to improve the app further:

1- As a blogger few ideas come to mind. It will be great if there was a way to import blog content to the app instead of rewriting and reposting the same photos because that is double the effort. I am a user of Squarespace and I think a collaboration with them could be great for both parties. 

2- It will be great if there is an option to schedule the story. 

3- A mention feature to respond to comments is a good idea too. 

Feel free to share your thoughts about the app in the comments! :)