Sticks n Sushi London

In the past few years, I developed a love for sushi. I can even eat with chopsticks now. My sushi love is limited to cooked sushi. I know I am missing out on the raw sushi, but for the life of me I cannot seem to stomach the texture of raw fish. Two months ago, I discovered a gorgeous Sushi place in London and I have been hooked. It is called Sticks n Sushi, but be aware when you try it, all the other quick sushi places like Itsu and Wasabi will be ruined for you. Once you go Sticks n Sushi you can't go back. The only problem with it is the expensive prices, so my visits are limited to once a month. Three courses and two drinks will easily reach to 50-60 pounds a person. It is a Danish Chain, but from my limited sushi experience I think it is the best I had in a while. I am sure London has more authentic good sushi places, but I have not checked them out yet. Sticks n Sushi is my go to sushi fix now. I recommend that you book in advance because it is always crowded.

It is not halal, but there are many vegetarian options, prawns and fish. They also offer a non alcoholic soy sauce and like four mocktails. My favourite is the one with cucumber and elderflower. Food wise I am completely satisfied. Their prawn tempura sushi options are great. There are three of them. They also do grilled fish and that is really nice and high quality as well. I had the salmon and the cod with rice and veggies. SO GOOD! They have a good selection of tea and desserts as well that is worth trying. They are all mini, so you can try one even if you are completely stuffed. 

The interior is very classic and safe. It is dark with the dim lighting, so taking pictures was a challenge. The atmosphere is a little loud and every time anyone enters they yells Shamasi, which is welcome, but it gets annoying after a while. The chairs are good even the high ones.     

I highly recommend it. Happy Sushi-ing :D