Shoryu Ramen in London

After Blogtacular, the awesome annual blogging conference, I went with a few inspiring bloggers to grab a bite. Covent Garden was the popular choice because it was very close to the venue. The plan was to head to Kingly Court and go to Stax for some fresh burgers, but as always the place was too busy, so we went down to Shoryu Ramen

I started with the cold and refreshing melon jasmine tea. If you are a vegetarian or only eat halal like me then the choices are super limited. They only had one type of Ramen that was pork & meat free. I ordered that and it was DELICIOUS. Seriously best ramen I had in London. I had to order my beloved prawn tempuras as well and they were as amazing. Everyone was really happy with what they ordered.

The interior inside was classic and their high chairs were surprisingly comfortable. It got a little smoky inside because of the grill, so I would recommend sitting outside. If I am in the area, I would go again for the ramen noodles! *YUMZ* 

Prawn Tempura
Shoryu Ramen in London