Novel Writing Workshop

Last year, I attended a great workshop by Rehan Khan, the author of Last of the Tasburai, about the art and craft of story telling and writing a novel organised by The city circle in London. The topic was instantly interesting because these days we are surrounded by so many apps that are there for us to tell our stories. Stories are a major thing in our societies. It had been there feeding people's imagination even before languages became written. I will summarise the main points of the lectures below. The workshop started with questioning the purpose of reading and then divide in to designing various aspects the novel needs before the writing even starts. 

  1. Designing the setting of the novel and where it takes place wether in reality or in imagination. Dr. Khan also included very useful questions to be considered in this stage such as: Who are the characters? What are they thinking? What they want? Why do they want it? How will they go about getting it? What stops them? What are the consequence of failure? What action must be taken? 
  2. Designing the conflict, the turning point for any story and it's highly essential to add depth to the novel and make it interesting. In this stage the type of the struggle needs to be identified and whether it will be between characters or within the character herself. 
  3. Characterisation, where characters are chosen and described starting from the physical to the true character when it's faced with a challenge. 
  4. Designing the plot from choosing the type: 
    • A happened coz B happen coz C happened and D happened
    • Overcoming the monster
    • The quest
    • The voyage and return
    • Comedy
    • Tragedy
    • Rebirth
  5. Designing the book like a house with a helicopter view of the entire thing to get sense of the view. 

Notes on Publishing 

First get a good editor then maybe start with self publishing ( possibly on kindle) to catch the attention of agents.