Motivational Talk for Creativity for a Cause

March has been a great month and this year I got to have an active roll in International Women's Day. I was chosen to be a mentor for the Philadelphia "Creativity for a Cause" campaign to empower women in the Arabia Gulf region along with three talented ladies (read more in my previous post). The campaign gives the emotional and financial support to two creative winners. One female from the public and another from Dar Al Hekma University. So, I went to the university to give a motivational talk to the students. It was really good going there and speaking to them. I remember being in their seat not so long ago and I could see the thirst for inspiration.

The last date to submit a creative idea that benefits the GCC societies is on the 12th of April! 

DesignerEsra in Jeddah
Creative ideas from university students

You can listen to the talk and see the presentation I shared below. May you all be inspired and motivated. #JustDoIt ;) 

PS. The Islamic pattern trips I referred were with the  Art of Islamic Pattern website. My artist friend I referred to is Morgan from re-source designs