Loud Art 2015, Collaborative Art Exhibition in Saudi

Last year, I blogged about the Saudi Artistic scene and how it is changing and developing. I mainly talked about Loud Art, an annual art exhibition that supports young and new talents in Saudi and the surrounding gulf area. This year I was very fortunate to take part of this year's Loud Art exhibition. I was very thrilled that my work was chosen. This year's concept was reinterpreting contemporary. So, I mixed the patterns from the past with the passion I have for them and created something new. My aim was to make contemporary art relevant to our current state of mind and set of skills.

I participated with a couple of photographs that I took myself in Morocco and Spain and integrated them with hand coloured Islamic geometric patterns. I also submitted a few detailed illuminations that I did following the traditional order, but with a contemporary twist. You can see my stand and some of my work below. 

The exhibition took place in Desert Designs in Khobar. A number of very talented artists participated as well. Their work was amazing and made the exhibition a great success. I was happy to be part of it all. 

Here is a virtual walk through the exhibition if you couldn't make it by Marsala Studio.