Feature: Re- Source Desgins

Happy Easter Monday lovelies! :D 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend with lots of family fun and endless chocolate eggs ;) I wanted to start this week with a little inspirational feature of my lovely artist friend Morgan Schemel, the creative power behind Re-Source Designs. We met on a trip to Marrakech and with all our shared interest we hit it off! Morgan is full of energy and has a great passion for art. Read all about her below! :D  

Tell us a little bit about your art and your artistic background!

I graduated from the College of Charleston with a double major in Art History and Fine Art. My experience in Fine Art really comes into play when I learn about a painting or a work of art. I know how to mix the color that the artist used, what type of brush they used, how to create the effects. And vice versa when I paint my own :) 

Architectural Illustration

I'm trained in traditional oil painting but have always been very interested in interior design, so it was only a matter of time that I began making items that can be used-- as opposed to just viewed. I have this thing for an "everyday luxury" that I just can't shake! I started with hand painted watercolor cards for family and friends and after much encouragement, I started printing them and selling them online and at markets. Recently I started experimenting with painting on porcelain plates and am very excited about the direction they're going! 

painted plate
painted plate

You recently opened an Etsy shop to sell your gorgeous art, why and how did you start? 

I actually opened my Etsy shop during a time that I was living internationally as a way for people back home to easily purchase my products. It hasn't proved to be that "internationally-friendly," but gets the job done. 

wall art

What inspires you? Is there a special place that you like to go to get inspired? What is it? Any favourite galleries or exhibits that inspire you? 

I am continuously inspired by nature! I always have been, actually. I grew up with a family farm and spent my summers growing wild flowers in the garden. I've always loved insects and wildlife. My artwork definitely has it's roots somewhere in my mom's garden :) I'm also very interested in time. Nature and time are two things that relate to one another in such a fateful way. I love light. And how that signifies the passing of time or alludes to a time of day. Or even a specific place-- as all the light all over the world is so vastly different! 

One of my favorites (and inspirational) things to do is admiring the brush strokes of master artists. There's just something so wonderful in thinking about their paintbrush touching the canvas! I usually visit art museums only to run home like a mad person and paint before my mind loses the image of the brush touching canvas.

 Morgan's beautiful workspace

Morgan's beautiful workspace

You also blog, do you feel it's important for an artist to have a blog? Did you get any art opportunities from blogging that you would like to share?

I feel that it's very important that I have a blog. I feel like it's really something that pulls all of my wacky talents together in one place. It's helpful for me (as well as readers!) to see that the things I'm working on or are inspired by or come across in my travels are more closely related than one might think. If nothing else, blogging gives me an opportunity to practice my photography skills! 

floral illustration

What do you enjoy making the most? 

My watercolor cards. I'm a big fan of snail mail! There's just something so nice about getting a hand written letter. People keep that stuff!!


floral cards

How did you choose your shop/blog name? 

I settled on the name re|source designs for my entire brand, actually. I wanted something that encompassed everything! I pride myself on bring very "resourceful" both in my products and my actions. I also wanted my website to act as a "source" for others to go to for ideas and inspirations! I want to "source" out everyday luxurious for my interiors. It just works for all!

What are your top tips for people who want to start making their hobby/passion into their business? 

Haha! Well I'd say that I'm better off receiving advice on that.. But a very good friend from home reminded me that it's actually quite wonderful that there's nothing else I have to fall back on. This is my most important talent. I am literally being forced by fate and time to live out the dream of my childhood- to be an artist living in Europe ;) 

Make sure to checkout Re-Source Designs Shop for the latest products! Also, keep in touch with Morgan by following her blog, pinterest and her instagram.