Fairytales for Grown Ups

Yesterday, I attended a really cool event called Fairytales for Grown Ups: Seven Princesses. It was organised by the Crick Crack Club and The Forge in Camden Town.  It was a storytelling with live music event. The story, Seven Princesses or Haft Paykar as the name in Persian, is from the famous Persian, 12th century poet Nizami Ganjavi. The story was about a king who had seven wives. He gave each one a night of the week and he would go to each and ask her to tell him a story. It is thought that the seven women represent seven qualities a king must have. It was really good hearing the stories and trying to figure out the meaning behind each. It was so cool that I dreamt of all the stories when I slept that night! The storytelling was told by Xanthe Gresham and she was really wonderful. She embodied the story and switched voices, motions and even hair! Hence the wigs in the photos below. I really enjoyed how she told the story. It fuelled my imagination. The music was brilliant as well. It was played by Arash Moradi. He played a variety of Persian/Kurdish instruments. The music was the perfect backdrop to the story. 

The venue, The Forge, is really cool with funky light and cosy spaces. They also serve food and drinks in the place. If you are attending an event, you get 10% off. The showroom, where the storytelling took place is in the back, but it's all one entrance. The seats were on the "first come, first served" bases. So, make sure you get there a little early to find a good seat because I couldn't see all the awesomeness from all the way in the back.

I will be going back for more of the grownup fairytales surly! Their next one is about Robin hood on the 27th of May. They also have a meet up group in case you wanted to meet other like minded people at those events. 

Storytelling Stage Set
Persian Musial Instruments
Storytelling Stage Set