Detox Nights

Hello everyone! Hope your Monday is going great. I have spent the morning remembering the awesomeness of last night! Yesterday, I enjoyed a wonderful time with Detox Nights. I was invited by my awesome friend, Alimah from Four Corner Interiors Ltd. She always knows the best events in town. 

The show was MC-ed by Kevin J & he was on point. The show started with a rap from Kelz TBK and he was GOOD. Then a standup by Mo Comedian. His slow-mo act was just too funny. Afterwards, J Appiah came on with his lovely, relaxing performance. Followed by A Dot, the most hilarious stand up comedian. The show ended with an amazing performance by Daj Jordan.  All the artists and comedians that were there, were very talented and engaged the audience. Everyone was leaving with a big smile and a good mood. 

Pictures and Videos are in the order of the performance:  



 Full House

Full House

  Kevin J  MC-ing 

Kevin J MC-ing 

  Kelz TBK  Performing

Kelz TBK Performing

 Mo Comedian  Performing

Mo Comedian Performing

  J Appiah  Performing. Followed by  A Dot

J Appiah Performing. Followed by A Dot

 Daj Jordan Amzing us all 

Daj Jordan Amzing us all 

The next show is on the 14th of June, make sure you go check it out! you can keep up with the latest updates by following their Twitter & Instagram

Ps. Sorry for the pathetic videos. I know my video game needs upping. On it ;)