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Keeping Fit Before and During Travel

Keeping Fit Before and During Travel

Keeping Fit Before and During Travel

As you know, travelling is a big part of my life and I absolutely love it. A big thing that I do while travelling is walking all over the new city I am visiting. I love to walk for HOURS just seeing places and documenting everything. I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and walking up trails. Unfortunately, on my last two trips to Portugal and Montenegro, I felt a little embarrassed because I could not keep up with everyone. I got really out of breath, tired and flustered. The same thing happened to me on a local country walk too when everyone was breezing through and I was half dead going up the hill. I didn't like feeling like that at all, so I decided I have to build up my stamina and my level of activity because I want to be able to do all of these things without my own body holding me back.

Although I want to be fit, but I have to confess, I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. Even with my inner motivation, I always have to spend a while to convince myself to go and workout. When the convincing works and I go, I always feel SO GOOD. I am trying to be more consistent with being active, but I am also trying to mix it up with some gym, outdoors activities and even cycling now! Additionally, I am trying to be aware of what I eat too. Saying that, I still eat cake and have lazy days, but it's all about balance! 

In this post, I want to give you some reasons that can motivate your to stay fit (for travel's sake at least if anything), some possible ways for you to keep fit WHILE travelling and lastly some good gym related reads that you might find helpful too! 

Gym Motivation - fit to travel

 Why do you need to workout and stay fit?

We all know the short answer to this, which is to stay healthy, but let's go a little more into the reasoning because when my head is convinced, my body usually follows: 

Reason 1: You are preparing for your next adventure

A while back when I went on my Atlas Mountain adventure, I got tired after few minutes of climbing and I just dragged myself. I didn't get to enjoy it as much because I was so tired and my body was aching. I don't want the lack of my fitness and stamina stop me from enjoying physical activities on my travels. So, while I workout, I imagine endless hilly walks and fun hikes. That usually gets me going. 

Reason 2: You are giving yourself a break

With the amount of blogging, photo editing and writing I do, I could easily spend my whole day and night in the same posture staring at my laptop. I am not even kidding, I will even eat at my laptop sometimes. Getting up to hit the gym or workout gives me a much needed break. 

Reason 3: Better immunity for better travelling experiences

Working out builds your immunity and makes you stronger, which leads to better travelling experiences. Getting sick while travelling is the absolute worst.  

Reason 4:  More Energy for longer productivity  

I don't know if you feel this too, but some days I wake up with such low energy levels. I noticed that working out increases my energy. I always feel so awake and alert after a workout, which is win win because I get to be productive for longer. 

Reason 5: Great body

l mean hello? Who wouldn't want that and workout does help tone you up. Though a healthy diet is also needed. 

How to keep fit while travelling? 

If you have a gym or workout routine before you travel, try to keep some of it up when you are travelling. I have a few tips that you might find useful to stay fit when you are travelling: 

- Have a workout session in your hotel or room  

Some of the hotels have gyms and it makes it so easy to stay fit by working out in the morning. Websites like can even allow you to choose the "gym" feature while you are looking for a hotel. Unfortunately, most mid budget hotels and guest houses don't have that option. The other alternative is to bring the workout to your hotel room by either downloading workout apps or by just downloading a set of workout videos to have at hand offline. I find this really helpful because so many places don't have a wifi connection! 

- Find a sporty class in the new location

When I was in Lagos, Portugal earlier this year, I happened to find myself stuck for things to do because the weather was very rainy in April, so I found a near by Yoga class and it really lifted my spirit instantly and I want to keep this a habit if time allows when I visit a new city. The great thing is, you don't really need to pack anything up with. I had leggings and trainers anyway, so that was sufficient. You can pack a travel yoga mat if you are funny about these things as well and it shouldn't take that much space. 

- Include active ideas in your travel itinerary

One of my first things that I do in a new city is a free city walk and I LOVE IT! That's at least two hours of walking and it's usually at the start of the day, so that's a good way to get some exercise in. Another idea is to go see a city from the top of hill or get up the stairs of an old building to the city scape like I did all over Prague. I think it's a good way to see the city and keep fit. There are so many tours that offer cycling around the city and that can also be a great option to burn some unneeded calories. 

- Be aware of what you are eating on your trip

I get it food is amazing! I don't even disagree and when you are away on a holiday, I know it gets even more tempting to indulge. I hear this sentence a lot: "oh go on you are on holiday." The problem is that you pay for that moment when you are back from that holiday. Like my Portugal trip clothes from last summer don't even fit anymore. It must be the three Pastel De Natas a day. oops. I should have only one! It's good to try new things but there are common no nos like fried, overly creamy and sugary food. Don't say no to everything, but try to make it balanced. I like to actually have desserts in the morning because I know I will burn them during the day at least.   

- Don't Forget Your Greens

When I am travelling and having meals at restaurants, I don't always remember eating my greens and getting enough amount of veggies. I don't even make it restaurants and end up surviving on carb loaded street food! A good way to make sure your greens are topped up is to go to the grocery store and just grab some fresh vegetable and cut them up to snack on. If that's not possible, take some vitamins with you at least. 

Good Health Reads 

I find reading about fitness and food really useful especially to understand everything logically instead of guilt tripping ourselves all the time! Flat Belly Kitchen is one of the books I started reading on this subject and I found it really helpful because it talks about the sad reality of food and it does not talk about carbs like something evil. They tell you what is good and bad based on their own research then give you alternative. Another good food book is Women Code because it talks about food and hormones, which is something so many women overlook in their daily lives. Roar was my first fitness book that I read and I just love that it was written by a female athlete and it discusses a lot of women issues like working out during a period and the various stages of the cycle and how it affects the performance. It is a heavey read and packed up with research, so it takes time to digest, but it's a good one. The last book "Thiner Leaner Stronger" is the latest book I got and I am still making my way through it. A little skeptical because it was written by a man for women, but he gives a lot of good examples and steps in there.  

I hope you found these tips useful and please comment any more tips you might have! 

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Five Mother's Day Gifts for your travel loving mother

Pin Me!

Pin Me!

Let's clarify one thing first. Mother's day in the UK is on the second Sunday of March. This year it's the 11th of March. The American Mother's day however is in May. The Arab one is a little confused and sometimes I see people celebrating in March and sometimes May. Since I moved to the UK, I just followed the UK celebrations. Since March is starting tomorrow, I thought this guide might be helpful. Although with the snow this week in London it's hard to think of Marche's Spring vibe. Regardless, you have about 11 days to get your mum a present she deserve! 

This guide will be perfect for your travel loving mother.

This is for the mum that already goes travelling with her family &/or friends. She is the one who gets the ball rolling for trips. She is practical and loves the life of the adventure!

If your mum is unsure of travelling and needs some inspiration then refer to the second guide instead. 

Five Gifts for The Travel Loving Mother

This mum is practical, adventurous and I feel like she would love a practical travel gift to aid her and make her time away from home as comfortable as possible! 

Assure Quality Control

with a light and easy to use camera!

I see a lot of senior couples on my travels using their IPads to take photos and it makes me so sad because the quality of those photos will be awful! A camera that is light with a big screen and easy to use will be perfect for your mum! I would recommend one of the Canon powershot Cameras for it's light weight, good quality and practicality. 

Get Her Rolling

with a bag! I am sure she already has one, but maybe she hasn't replaced it in a while. I love my Kipling duffle bag and tote, or you can look at more advanced backpacks or travel bags with a good packing system. Maybe even get an idea of the kind of bag she wants and get that! 

Make Sure She is Covered

Just like with the bag, she might already have a rain jacket, but it might be warn out! Some nice rain coats last for years and are fantastic for heavy rain days. The one I have been using for 5 years now is Karen Millen rain jacket. I listed a few seemingly good quality ones for you here: 

Give Her An Experience

If she loves travelling then she would love an experience whether a one that will pamper her like a classic afternoon tea and spa or one that will get her adventurous soul excited like a bushcraft course

Pin Me

Pin Me

Send Her Away On A Trip! 

I mean go big or go home right? If this is a special mother's day, you might want to consider booking her a trip. In 2015, when I went for my Iran art trip, I insisted that my mum comes with me. She really loved it and it was an amazing trip that we both really enjoyed. There are a few options for this one depending on the type of trip she would enjoy. 

Read: Five Muslim Friendly Travel Retreats

Ps. This is not a sponsored post, but some of the links included are affiliate, which will give me a small commission if you purchase directly from them. 

Over to you: Which of these travel gift would your mum like the most? 

Five Mother's Day Gifts to inspire your mum to travel!

Pin Me!

Pin Me!

Let's clarify one thing first. Mother's day in the UK is on the second Sunday of March. This year it's the 11th of March. The American Mother's day however is in May. The Arab one is a little confused and sometimes I see people celebrating in March and sometimes May. Since I moved to the UK, I just followed the UK celebrations. Since March is starting tomorrow, I thought this guide might be helpful. Although with the snow this week in London it's hard to think of Marche's Spring vibe. Regardless, you have about 11 days to get your mum a present she deserve! 

If you yourself is a traveller, then you know how life changing travel is from exploring neighbourhoods, eating new food to hearing other languages in the background. Your mother however might not fully grasp this and is always worrying about you going abroad. The best way to change her perspective is to encourage her to travel. Some people just need a little push! 

This gift guide is for the unsure mother, who always dreams of travel, but needs a little more inspiration and maybe a little bit of an extra push!

Ps. This is the second guide for getting the right gift for your mother. If your mother is already a travel lover then refer to the the other post. 

Five Gifts for the Mother Who Needs Travel Inspiration

Travel Books

If your mother is a reader, she will appreciate this gift especially if it gives her a travel set to imagine and motivate her to book a trip. The first three books are written by female travellers! 

Travel Accessories

Maybe giving her a travel journal, a new passport case and map will awaken her wanderlust. Sometimes having the right accessory is all that someone needs. 

Worldwide Foods

This might spark your mum's interest especially if she is into cooking. Maybe give her a cooking class about a type of food she likes, but she does not cook at home. I did a Moroccan cooking class when I visited Fez and really loved it!  You can also gift her with international cooking related books and items! Tell her the food is even better in that original country. I travel for good food so she might do as well!  

Cooking Class

Local tours

You don't always have to go far for adventure. You can go to the next town and go on a fun local tour. You can even do it in your own town! It's amazing how many people don't know much about the big cities they live in. I have some friends who were born and raised in North West London who never even ventured to South East (Greenwich area) and have no idea what's happening here. Maybe this will be a good starter for your mum to build her courage. Tours can be city tours, food tours of a specific neighbourhood or city or even photography tour if she is into.  

There are so many websites you can book tours from. You can even find experiences on Airbnb now or meet up! I use Get Your Guide if I am getting a tour and here are a few I found if you are within reach to the big cities in the UK. If you are somewhere else the website caters for so many cities worldwide.   

Give her a little local getaway

As I mentioned above in the suggested tours. She doesn't have to go far for it to count as travelling. I think local travels are a great way to get to know yourself and your travel needs. Focus on booking a nice hotel with a good view and maybe a spa to pamper her?
Pin Me!

Pin Me!

Ps. This is not a sponsored post, but some of the links included are affiliate, which will give me a small commission if you purchase directly from them. 

Over to you: Which of these travel gift would your mum like the most? 

10 Muslim Female Travellers to Follow (Bloggers & Vloggers)

10 Muslim Female Travellers to Follow

As I go on in my own travel blogging journey, I always like to look around to see who else is creating engaging travel content from the same bracket as me. I came up with ten travelling Muslim women that either blog or vlog about their travels. It wasn't an easy task to put this list together. There are many Muslim women on social media, but the ones who are dedicated to the travel content can be counted on two hands!

If you are a Muslim female traveller then please join our growing group of Muslimahs Who Travel on Facebook.

Bonus: Esra Alhamal Arabian Wanderess

Yours truly! I think you know by now that I am a vagabond and love to see the world. If I haven't to a country, then it's 100% on my list! Basically the world is my list and I can't wait to see it all. I love to focus on cultural experience and escaping to nature, so you get a mix of relaxing and adventurous with me.

If you are looking for a Muslim travel content creator to work with, then please contact me and we can work together!

10 Muslim Female Travellers to Follow (Bloggers & Vloggers)

Rasha Yousif

Rasha is a Bahraini documentary photographer and travel blogger with a love for graceful and cultural experiences. She also just climbed Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. 

Passport and Plates

Sally is a travel blogger with a love for culture and food! Her posts make me either hungry or in awe of the places she has been. She is an expert when it comes to Egypt and Sudan, so make sure you visit her blog if you are planning a trip! 

Hijabi Globetrotter

Kareemah is an American language teacher who spent two years in Spain. I always pretend to read her Spanish captions! She has a fresh perspective that she shares on her blog and YouTube. 

Black Muslim and Travelling

As the name suggests, Ayah brings you her adventures with her own perspective as a black Muslim woman travelling the world and exploring one country at a time. She also speaks on mental health!

Muslim Travel Girls

Elena is one of the first Muslim female travel bloggers. She is all about giving other Muslim women options to have hijab free holidays. 

Nada Al Nahdi

Nada is unstoppable and thirsty for adventures even with all the hurdles that embassies worldwide give her because of her Yemeni passport. She is persistent and she has been to many destinations around Africa, Asia and Europe. 

Hello 965 

Fatima is an adventurous soul and she has been to wonderful destinations in Asia, Africa and South America. Basically all the places that are on my list. Her presence is strongest on Instagram with three accounts: travel, hotels and food! She also has a blog and YouTube. 

Maroc Mama

Amanda has turned her life in Morocco into a successful blog. She shares the gorgeous patterns and delicious dishes of Morocco. She also travels in the US and Europe. She should be your first point of research if you are looking at anything related to Morocco. 

A post shared by Amanda Mouttaki (@marocmama) on

Her Adventures with Him

Maliha's travel account is with her husband as the name suggests, but she has been travelling solo way before she met him. Their adventures are adorable and the pictures will really make you want to book that flight.

Fly with Haifa

Haifa is a force of positive energy in all the colours of the spectrum. Love her personality and how she likes to involve locals in her travel videos. Some of the places she has visited give me serious wanderlust. 

Another bonus: Sukaina Rajab Ali

Sukina has the BEST photos. She is a professional photographer and she can capture a destination magically. She also does food and it always looks so yummy!

If you would like to read more about Muslim women who travel, then make sure you checkout Muslimahs Who Travel instagram page.

10 Muslim Female Travellers to Follow (Bloggers & Vloggers)

Over to you: Who are your favourite muslim female travellers that you always follow for inspiration?

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Travel Blogging is harder than you think and here's why

Travel Blogging is harder than you think and here's why

What does it really take to become a successful travel blogger generating an income? By Income I mean enough money for the basic living expenses: rent, bills, food on the table and more travel. Some people actually do that, which makes it even more tempting to make it as a successful blogger. The longer I am in the travel blogging field, the more I realise how difficult it really is. I have been a travel blogger seriously since 2015 and I am still not living off my blog. I did however get very rewarding opportunities that I wouldn't have if it wasn't for travel blogging, such as, the collaboration with Skyscanner and Philadelphia Arabia (yup the cheese company). I also got to work with small, local business in the countries I travelled to. These perks are very encouraging and keep me going. However, it is still really difficult to make a consistent income to fully support myself. Travel blogging in general is very difficult and have many sides to it that are not apparent to most people who are not blogging themselves.   

In this post, I want to tell you about the reality of travel blogging. 

There are two parts to this: the visible part that you can see on this blog and the invisible part that you probably don't know much about unless you blog professionally yourself. Don't get me wrong, this post is not a rant about travel blogging, it's about the reality of travel blogging that people might not fully be aware of. In fact, I myself as a travel blogger was not aware of all these points and considerations until I made the decision that I want my blog to generate an income! I thought it was just a matter of going on a trip and writing about it, but it's much bigger than that. 

Part One: Visible Blogging Work

The visible side of travel blogging is what we get envied for. People see this side: a blogger on a trip, laughing in their photos, exploring gorgeous destinations and having lots of fun. This is true. This happens. This is the whole point of this new field that emerged in the past ten years. There are three main visible parts in a blogger's life: their fun trip, the blog post they have written and all the social media sharing.

Going on a Trip

The best part about being a travel blogger is going on a trip! After going on a few international trips and living abroad for years, I decided to blog about my travels to share stories, advice and inspire. Exploring the world is truly magical and my only regret is not travelling enough previously and not taking all travel chances I had. Being away "on holiday" is what people notice the most and that's the most visible. 

Writing a Post

This is what people expect from you as a travel blogger and rightly so. This is also what people get to see. This written documentation is the evidence. The spoken writing style of my blog make people think that it is very easily done. 

Promoting on Social Media

It feels like this is the only thing people see from travel bloggers. The pretty photos we post on Facebook and Instagram. Some bloggers actually make their income by being visual ambassadors for companies, but that's only a very small percentage of travel bloggers. 

Part Two: Invisible Blogging Work

This is the part that most people are not aware of. The part that really exhusts me. This is why I am busy all the time and why I stay home when I am not travelling. When I tell people that I have a lot of work to do, they are always puzzled and I get comments like: "what do you mean? Didn't you just write about your last trip?"

Take a look at my humble Travel Blogging Posts Checklist to see what I mean by all the invisable blogging work. All the details are below the photo! 

Travel Blogging Checklist

Emailing Companies

Emailing companies is the first thing I do while I am planning a trip. As a full time student and a part time blogger/vlogger, the finances are usually very limited. So, I contact companies, accommodations and tour operators in the destination I intend to visit to provide them with services and marketing options. This takes a lot of prior planning and can be soul sucking! I don't do it as much now because it requires a huge amount of work and sometimes all of that work is not appreciated. It also turns the holiday into a work venture because you will be required to record everything, promote it on social media instantly and later on and photograph everything. It gets really intense and I end up with only a little time for myself. This is also dependent on the company. Sometimes they are such a joy to work with, but other times they get too much.  

Documenting The Trip

This could be part of the visible part of blogging because people see some of the documentation on social media. For example, I usually post one or two photos on instagram daily during my trip with some highlights and a location. Off the social, I document everything there is to know about that location and place because when I write about it later I want to have every possible info to help my readers. This is basically travel journalism and since this was not what I studied in university (I studied/studying design hence the Designer Esra name), I have to really prove myself even more. 

How to Be A Travel Writer (Lonely Planet)
By Lonely Planet, Don George

Editing Photos  

Photos are a huge part of blogging. They are just more enticing. Imagine a post with photos verses one without. Personally I am put off by websites that hardly have any pictures. I like to see the place I am going to! I use the photos I take in the cover for the post, in the content and on social media. 

I usually take lots of photos to edit after every trip! Let me give you an example, on my two-week trip to Iran, I took over five thousand photos! I am not even exaggerating. Editing all of them was not an easy task. I ended up reducing that number to 100 because my blog would have exploded if I uploaded all of the photos I took. That 100 was divided on various travel posts though. 

Ps. I use Adobe Lightroom CC to edit all my video. Check out their packages.

Editing Videos

I also do vlogs, which means double the work! I don't make it easy for myself now do I? Editing video can be a lot of fun, but it is the longest process ever especially that I am teaching myself as I go along! I can easily spend 16hours on a 4minute video. Shocking, but 100% true! I use Adobe Premier Pro, which is really helpful. I love Adobe products because I use them all the time for my design work, so trying the Premier Pro was an good transition. I watch a lot of Youtube videos to help me figure out the settings and edits. I feel like I am improving slowly. I think even if you go to film school, you will take a while to get the hang of it and develop your style. 

Ps1. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit all my video. Check out their packages.

Ps2. If you are interested in becoming a travel vlogger, you might find the how to become a travel vlogger online course useful. It is run by two of my favourite travel Youtuber: Hey Nadine and Kristin Sarah. I would only recommend the course for beginners. If you have previous video experience and you have done so much research then you would have most likely already come across most of the content.

Read: The Vlogging Camera I swear by (Review for Canon G 7X)

Creating Social Media Content

With every blog I write, I have to have at least one pin-able photo (like the one at the start of this post), which means creating something like a poster that has an attractive photo related to the subject plus a written title for Pinterest, which is considered a really good visual search engine. I use Canva for that. It's a free website that requires signing up. It's really good because they have the exact sizes for everything and it's super easy to use. Alternatively you can use Photoshop or Illustrator. 

There are also the other social media outlets like twitter, instagram and Facebook. Each is slightly different, which means creating something for each is not the same. Not to mention all the engagement you have to do with others to notice you as well!    

Blog post Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Now that I have followed the list above and prepared everything: the information, the photos, the poster and the video in some cases, I am ready to write the post. For years I have been writing useful travel advice posts with high quality photos, but I have only realised recently that my website traffic is so low! I thought that was because I was still new to the game, but it turns out, my blog lacked good keywords that optimise search engines! I even did a little test for a post I wrote about clothing in Iran. The previous title was "Outfits I wore in Iran" and had zero search. Literally, no one looked up that term. So, I spent three hours revamping that post using the suggested and searched terms. I changed it to "Iran Women's Clothing + What to wear when visiting Iran" and that is preforming much better. I find the SEO to be the hardest thing about blogging. SEO is crucial for travel blogs and anything written online. This is basically what makes strangers on the internet find you! Otherwise your blog will only be visited by family and friends forever. 

The tool I currently use to help me find searched-for keywords is called Key Search and I pay for it monthly. It is kind of easy compared to other tools, but learning it is still hard and needs lots of focus! Here's a very useful blog post from Digital Nomad Wannabe that tell you about everything you need to know when it comes to Keywords.

Adding Affiliate links

One of the way to make an income from blogging is to share affiliate links meaning links to products or services that you endorse resulting in a very small percentage. For example, I am an affiliate to a number of companies like Amazon, Adobe, ShopStyle and a few others. Although, I want people to use my links so I make that tiny percentage, I am always aware of what I am telling people. I am very honest in my reviews and opinions. When I usually hate something I don't even mention it on my website unless I am warning people against it. So, after I write my post or during writing, I find ways to add these links in a "natural way".    

Read: How to Monetise Your Travel Blog?

An extra step must be considered if adding affiliate links: the nofollow link. Again something I only recently learnt about and it's causing me a lot of pain to go back to all my previous posts to fix. There are many tips about this subject, so a quick search online will tell you all you need to know. This is very important otherwise Google gets annoyed with me and my site gets blocked.

Ps1. If you want add a nofollow link on SquareSpace (the platform I use for this website), then use the markdown block and this: <a href="the affiliate link" rel="nofollow">Name/Sponsor/title </a>

Ps2. To avoid adding nofollow links on SquareSpace, use the Amazon block instead, but make sure you enter your Amazon ID in the external links in the settings, so you can get the rewards.  

I also add Google AdSense inside the posts and other types of affiliates in the side bar and within posts in the hopes of generating an income. The money I made so far using every possible affiliate is below $25 -before you start thinking I am making a crazy amount of cash-.

Working really hard and getting such a little financial return is not too fun and sometimes very discouraging. I have to remind myself that I am blogging to share my tips and routes rather than to make money. Although, some money is always nice because we need it to stay alive! 

Blogtacular 2015 Official Photos by Piers MacDonald. Thanks Mollie Makes

Blogtacular 2015 Official Photos by Piers MacDonald. Thanks Mollie Makes

Sharing on the web

After following all the checklist above, you now have some content. As Sharon says (the lady behind Digital Nomad Wannabe) says: Content is king, but market is queen. So, marketing the post is a MUST! It's not as simple as tweeting a link or posting it on Facebook and Instagram, but this also means finding Facebook groups and communities that care about your content or want to exchange shares. For example, I am part of Blogtacular and everyone shares a new blog post every Monday. I am also part of Female Travel Bloggers and participate in their #BlogPostSaturday. These are the two specific FB groups designed for bloggers that I use. I am also part of three other female travel groups -that are not for bloggers- for any female traveller. I frequently check them and respond to other members who are looking for advice and posts about certain destinations such as Muslimahs Who Travel, Girls vs Globe and Girls Love Travel

Why am I still a travel blogger even with all of these difficulties? 

The short answer is I really enjoy all the aspects of travel blogging and the travel blogging community and TRAVELLING! 

Yes some parts can be tedious and difficult, but I don't mind doing them as long as I see the result and impact of that. Every time I get a positive comment from a fellow female traveller who was inspired, I get a kick of happiness and a sense of purpose. I love it more when people use my practical tips and find them really helpful! I find travel blogging rewarding and enjoyable. 

Blogtacular 2015 Official Photos by Piers MacDonald. Thanks Mollie Makes  Spot the green scarf that's me!!

Blogtacular 2015 Official Photos by Piers MacDonald. Thanks Mollie Makes
Spot the green scarf that's me!!

Useful resources to make your blogging journey easier: 

  • Digital Nomad Wannabe
    This website and Facebook group have been really helpful
  • Video Influencers
    I have learnt so much from this Youtube channel. Their advice and useful tip are wonderful not to mention FREE!
  • Blogtacular
    They really helped me and started me on the right path of blogging. 

Another amazing resource is other bloggers. Make sure you go to blogging events and make blogging friends. I learnt so much from my friends plus they make blogging an even more fun field to work in!

Over to you: Are you a travel blogger? What are the hardest things you face while blogging? Do you have any tips to make the process easier? Even if you aren't a travel blogger, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments below!  

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make posts like this. Thank you for the support! 

Eight reasons every Muslim woman should travel solo at least once 

Eight reasons every Muslim woman should travel solo at least once&nbsp;

Eight reasons every Muslim woman try travelling solo at least once:

Over protective parents and rigid cultural teachings have held Muslim women from travelling the world and embarking on journeys to explore the world. Thankfully, this has changed and it could be seen with the increasing numbers of travelling Muslim ladies.

  1. It will give you courage

  2. Independency

  3. Escape to recharge

  4. Educating Others

  5. To know the locals

  6. More awareness of people and places

  7. Enjoy your own company

  8. Get lost and discover

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How to take pictures of yourself when travelling solo 

How to take pictures of yourself when travelling solo.jpg

I am very excited for you that you are taking a trip solo! And pictures are really important! Even if you don't like your photo taken, it's really nice to have a few pictures just to remind yourself of the trip and to share with your friends and family. We all appreciate a good view but when you are in it, it's more personal and truly yours. You might have wondered how can solo travel instagrammers take pictures of themselves. It's actually not too hard! The photo below was taken by myself in Sri Lanka

Here are the four tricks I regularly use!

1- Mini Tripod and Timer

I use the Joby tripods because they are so versatile and can be twisted and places in random spots. I think most cameras would have a timer. Look into how to set that before you trip! You don't want to be fiddling with your camera and figuring that out on the spot. 10 seconds is the most common time, but you can set the duration. Possibly 20 seconds so you don't have to run to the spot. 

Ps1. You can do that on your phone too! 

Ps2. You can take a proper tripod with you if you like but that might be too heavy to carry. 

How to take pictures of yourself when travelling solo 

2- Remote shooting

This is done by connecting your wifi enabled camera with a phone application and using your phone as a remote. If your camera doesn't have an app from the manufacturer then it might be worth purchasing a remote. I absolutely love this feature on my Canon G7x and its own app Canon Camera Connect. I can see the photos on my phone before shooting as well!  

How to take pictures of yourself when travelling solo 

3- Selfie stick

I know. You probably know that, but just in case! It looks slightly funny, but everyone is doing it now it became very normal. I actually use a selfie stick for my travel vlogger rather than still photos! Just like the two photos below!  

4- Asking others

You can start this conversation by asking others if they want their photo taken then ask nicely for them to do the same. Everyone loves that! You can ask them straight if they would take yours and offer to take their as an appreciation token. Sometimes people just offer when they see me struggle setting the tripod and timer. 

Over to you: Which of the tricks above do you use to take your own travel photos? And do you have any other ways I haven't mentioned? Share away! 

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