Art Scene in Zurich + Grafik 15

Happy Sunday world!

Zurich has a very artistic side from its little quirky restaurant (as you have seen from the previous posts) to its many art exhibits. I was only there for few days, so I couldn’t fully discover all the arts and crafts there, but last weekend, I got to visit the Löwenbräu-Areal multiple story exhibitions and the annual Grafik exhibition

The Löwenbräu-Areal was interesting because it is a big multi story space with various exhibitions happening. The two I looked at closely were the Tobias Pils (photos 7th to 9th) and the work on paper exhibition, where all participating artists were asked to use the medium of paper and produce any art they want (photos 10th to 14th). It was really nice to see a collection of different works. Enjoy the snaps below!    

Grafik 15 was the next stop for the day. It is an annual exhibition for graphics, illustrations, games and interactive designs. The exhibition started with the game design section, but since I am hopeless at computer games, I passed by that section fairly quickly. The section that followed was really interesting and it featured so many talented artists and designers.  

I liked the choice of the stands and displays. It was made out of foam. I guess that is the cheapest material, but the way it was used in made it look classy and creative. I love to see upcycled materials like that. It was worth a visit to see the newest emerging trends. Exhibitions like that fuel the imagination and inspire. Here are few snaps I took on the day: