Around Fes, Morocco

Three hours and a half was how long it took me from London to reach Fes, Morocco via RayanAir. The plane ticket was so cheap that my taxi ride from South East London to Stansted airport was more expensive. My airport pickup was arranged prior to leaving. Luckily my hotel, Riad Dar Aicha was exactly two minutes from the taxi drop off point, so I did not have to go through the Madina streets at night and get lost. When I got into my little Moroccan bed and breakfast, I knew there would be mint tea coming as soon as I walked into that door and it did! That mint tea and the other countless cups of refreshing sugary mint teas were one of my favourite things about this trip.

The next day, I stepped into the street and all I can see and smell was dust. So much dust that I started sneezing immediately. I proceeded to enter the gates of the old Medina. The dust started clearing up and I could make out the city’s old features and the hustle of all the works. It was only after nine, but everyone was fully immersed in their tasks that it felt like it was much later in the day. Aside from the dust clouds, the old city was full of life and bright colours. 

I was there for the Art of Islamic Pattern intensive short course and there I got to experience the artistic side of this little city to the fullest. Below are few snaps from walking around the old city.