American Sharia, The Movie

Happy Friday everyone! 

As you all know, it's rare to see a movie that supports a real cause or a struggle of the Muslims. Most movies out there do the exact opposite and show Muslims as the bad guys with weird broken English accents and angry expressions. Most Muslims are really upset about how they are presented, but they did not do enough about it until Omar Regan took a stand and started a "halal" production/entertainment company called Halalywood to serve the Islamic community and the Muslims in the movie/creative industry. The first productions of Halalywood is American Sharia, a great family movie; a mix of comedy and action.  The first movie tour took place in the UK. It was organised and supported by Penny Appeal and I was lucky to attend the last  movie screening in the Troxy in East London. I was very excited that I made back to London in time to watch the movie. 

Before the movie started, Omar Regan did a short stand up, which was absolutely hilarious and the prefect start for a fun evening. 

Watch the movie Trailer: 

The movie was funny, light hearted and shed the light on a very important issue, Islamophobia, which is currently happening and affecting the lives of many Muslims. The movie presented this issue in a positive way showing the true light of Islam and its very peaceful concepts that have been taken out of context by evil groups to serve political agendas. It was entertaining and very suitable for a night in with the family. It was overall really enjoyable and worth a watch whether you are a Muslim or not.  I can't wait to get the DVD and see the parts they did not show at the screening and promised to include later. 


In the Q&A, I learnt that parts of the movie were based on the real life of Omar's dad. He was a respected Imam in their community preaching about the goodness of Islam until he was falsely accused by the FBI and shot 20 times because they thought he was linked to evil organisation. That story inspired Omar to write the script and be thoughtful through out to give the best possible representation of how peaceful and great being a Muslim is. 

The funding for the movie came through a lot of community support via Kickstart and selling the Halalywood merchandise. American Sharia is only the first of its kind and it will be followed by four other "halal" movies. The production for the second movie will start in October.  It is a great cause and worth the support. Make sure you follow Omar Regan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and ways to support.