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10 Muslim Female Travellers to Follow (Bloggers & Vloggers)

As I go on in my own travel blogging journey, I always like to look around to see who else is creating engaging travel content from the same bracket as me. I came up with ten Muslim women that either blog or vlog about their travels. It wasn't an easy task to put this list together. There are many Muslim women on social media, but the ones who are dedicated to the travel content can be counted on two hands! Here are my travel heroine and I hope you find this list useful! 

1- Rasha Yousif

Rasha is a Bahraini documentary photographer and travel blogger with a love for graceful and cultural experiences. She also just climbed Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. 

2- Fly with Haifa

Haifa is a force of positive energy in all the colours of the spectrum. Love her personality and how she likes to involve locals in her travel videos. Some of the places she has visited give me serious wanderlust. 

3- Passport and Plates

Sally is a travel blogger with a love for culture and food! Her posts make me either hungry or in awe of the places she has been. She is an expert when it comes to Egypt and Sudan, so make sure you visit her blog if you are planning a trip! 

4- Hijabi Globetrotter

Kareemah is an American language teacher who spent two years in Spain. I always pretend to read her Spanish captions! She has a fresh perspective that she shares on her blog and YouTube. 

5- Muslim Travel Girls

Elena is one of the first Muslim female travel bloggers. She is all about giving other Muslim women options to have hijab free holidays. 

6- Nada Al Nahdi

Nada is unstoppable and thirsty for adventures even with all the hurdles that embassies worldwide give her because of her Yemeni passport. She is persistent and she has been to many destinations around Africa, Asia and Europe. 

7- Hello 965 

Fatima is an adventurous soul and she has been to wonderful destinations in Asia, Africa and South America. Basically all the places that are on my list. Her presence is strongest on Instagram with three accounts: travel, hotels and food! She also has a blog and YouTube. 

8- The Travelling Turbanista

If you want gorgeous outfits with beautiful adventure then Sisi is the person for you. She is a flight attendant based in Dubai and I am in love with her fashion style and destinations that fit perfectly with her elegant and colourful style. 

9- Maroc Mama

Amanda has turned her life in Morocco into a successful blog. She shares the gorgeous patterns and delicious dishes of Morocco. She also travels in the US and Europe. She should be your first point of research if you are looking at anything related to Morocco. 

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10- The Zeina Diary

Zeina is an Iraqi based in Jordan. Her dream is to travel and explore the world and she is doing it slowly as her Iraqi passport allow her! 

Bonus: Arabian Wanderess

Yours truly! I think you know by now that I am a vagabond and love to see the world. If I haven't to a country, then it's 100% on my list! Basically the world is my list and I can't wait to see it all. 

10 Muslim Female Travellers to Follow

If you would like to read more about Muslim women who travel, then make sure you checkout Muslimahs Who Travel instagram page. If you would like to join a community of like minded Muslim women who travel, join the private Facebook group 

Over to you: Who are your favourite muslim female travellers that you always follow for inspiration?

Muslim Women Retreat in Morocco (Hijab Free Holiday)

Muslim Women Retreat in Morocco (Hijab Free Holiday)

This post is a review of the wonderful Muslim women friendly Moroccan retreat I did with The Big Reconnect Sleepover along side ten things you can do on your Moroccan holiday. It was like going on a sleepover with a great group of other Muslim women. We got to unplug, enjoy a hijab free hotel, swim in the pool freely and get pampered with traditional Moroccan food. It was a trip to remember.

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Six Summer Hijabi Outfits for Traveling

Happy Summer days lovelies! 

I hope everyone is having a good summer full of adventures and days out. I find it hard to be outdoors during summer at times because I wear the headscarf & keep my body covered, which can be challenging when the temperature reaches 30 C & above. In May, I went to Fes, Morocco. It was only the start of summer there and the heat was bearable, but it was still HOT. I knew it would be hot before I even got there, so I packed accordingly. I was there for a week and had 20KG of luggage allowance, so I had the luxury of packing six outfits, one pair of walking shoes (from Clarks) & three jersey hijabs (I got them from Kuwait) . All very summery, cottony, airy & cooling. To add a little something to the outfits, I took four long chain necklaces with me and one bright orange nail polish (from the body shop). I think as far as modest/hijabi summer wear goes the outfits worked a treat. All the outfit details are under the images. Hope you can find these outfit ideas helpful.

Enjoy your hijabi holidays ladies :D 

Big thanks to the travel photographer & designer Piotr Fedorczyk for taking the first five awesome photos 

PS. I know my poses need some work. Will do better next time! :D

Dian Pelangi Meet & Greet

Happy Monday world! I am baaaack! :D

What I love about London is the events and the activities. I only got back two days ago and already managed to squeeze into two events *MashAllah* The first was my friend's market sale (Four Corners Interiors Ltd) and the other is the awesome meet and greet event with the fabulous Indonesian fashion designer, hijabi icon Dian Pelangi organised by the talented photographer Muna Ally and the creative fashion designer Zinah

  Dian Pelangi   *MASHALLAH*

Dian Pelangi *MASHALLAH*

  Dian Pelangi   *MASHALLAH*

Dian Pelangi *MASHALLAH*

 Muna and Zinah *mashallah*

Muna and Zinah *mashallah*

The meeting took place in the lovely rustic, cozy Sable D'Or Café upstairs. It started off with a short and sweet speech from Dian Pelangi. I am not into video, but I thought this little clip is a great one. It's full of kindness and encouragement. 

Beautiful and Successful in Hijab Dian Pelangi in London 

I love all the hijab pointers in this video, which are a perfect extension of the World Hijab Day from last month. It is always good to get these positive notes on Hijab because when you live in a Western environment you get so much self doubt and pressure when wearing the hijab especially with the messed up media view on what beauty and freedom are. Listening to Dian speak about hijbais was very reassuring because hijabis can be beautiful, educated and successful. A piece of fabric on the head is no reason to stay behind. Hearing that filled my heart with much needed pride of my headscarf.   

Muslim Women Stories
Muslim Women Stories
Muslim Women Stories
Muslim Women Stories
Muslim Women Stories
Muslim Women Stories
Bubblegum Hijabi Story

The vibe of the meeting was great and very inspiring. Some of the ladies shared their stories, the happy and the sad. They were all heartwarming and touching. Hearing some of the struggles of others and how they raised above it was reassuring. I met so many gorgeous and lovely ladies who are all creative hijabis who weren't held by their headscarves. In fact, all of them were inspired by it and it made them achieve so much. 

 Some yummy desserts 

Some yummy desserts 

 A selfi was a must with the rainbow queen dian *Mashallah*

A selfi was a must with the rainbow queen dian *Mashallah*

 GOODIE BAG from Zinah 

GOODIE BAG from Zinah 

 All the beautiful ladies from the event *MashAllah*  Photo taken by Muna Ally 

All the beautiful ladies from the event *MashAllah* Photo taken by Muna Ally 

Our attempt to say "Salams From London" we got it right the third time tho! :D 

I am so thankful I was able to attend alhamdulilah! اللهم صل على محمد و آله :)