How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for the Modestly Dressed Traveller?

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On Today's blog, I have invited Luisa Kearney from The Online Personal Stylist to share some of her fashion expertise on building a capsule wardrobe especially for the modestly dressed traveller. Her tips will help you pack smarter, lighter and with fashion in mind! Luisa will take it from here: 

Deciding what to pack for your travels can be very difficult. Quite often you end up packing too much or you don’t pack the right items for the destination. There’s nothing worse than getting caught out and not having what you need when you’re far away from home. We’ve all been there – forced to suffer for the duration of our travels feeling uncomfortable because our clothing and footwear aren’t suitable for the climate we’ve visited. This is why building a capsule wardrobe for travel is an excellent solution to your packing problems.

What is a Travel Capsule Wardrobe? 

It is a small collection of comfortable pieces that you can pack in your suitcase each time you travel to make everything so much easier.

We’re going to look at the basics of forming a capsule wardrobe and more importantly, how to create a modest capsule wardrobe. If you don’t like to show off too much skin or you plan to travel to countries where it is deemed disrespectful if you don’t cover up, this article will provide you with a valuable insight into what to wear for those situations.

Step 1: Decide What You Need and Why

The phrase “a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear” is proof that you don’t need an endless choice of clothing items. You just need items that you will actually wear. The great thing about building a capsule wardrobe is that you can personalise it to suit your needs. Some people even decide to create several micro capsule collections – one for each different occasion. If your life is very varied and requires you to have appropriate outfits for different events then curating a specific collection of coordinating pieces can make it easier to look well put together at all times. You may choose to create a capsule collection for office wear, travel, summer fashion, winter, and for special occasions. The choice is endless but this method makes shopping and organising your clothing much easier and more cost-effective. So, if you were to put together a conservative-fashion capsule wardrobe for travelling, you must first decide on what you will need to include. If you don’t travel at all in the winter months then there is no point adding winter wear to your collection. If you travel all through the year then try to maintain a balanced number of items for each season. Ideally, you don’t want to have lots of clothing items just for the summer and then nothing to wear during the cooler months. Personally, I’d recommend trying to build 2-3 outfits for each season. A couple of pairs of trousers/bottoms, a couple of tops, 1-2 cardigans/jumpers and 1-2 pairs of shoes. Don’t forget that you can always mix and match garments from each season! Creating a really streamlined capsule wardrobe for all four seasons can only be done properly if you stick to a strict colour palette.

Hijab Friendly Capsule Wardrobe for travelling muslim women

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Colour Palette for Your Capsule Wardrobe

Putting together a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories especially for your travels will make packing and shopping for future travel clothes much simpler. The first and most important thing about putting together most types of capsule wardrobe is to decide on a colour palette. What colour theme are you going for? The biggest mistake that a lot of people make when trying to pack for their travels is mixing colours and patterns. Adding in the bright coloured, statement piece that you have just bought for your summer holidays can cause a bit of a headache if it doesn’t suit anything else you intent to pack. Adding “structure” to your travel packing sounds boring but it is the only to guarantee that your travel wardrobe is practical, comfortable and functional.

To start building your colour palette for your capsule wardrobe, you must take into account these 3 things:

1) Your natural skin tone type (this will determine which colours, patterns and tones will suit your skin tone).

2) Which seasons are you packing for? This may be a contributing factor in deciding which colours are best to pack.

3) How easy and stress-free do you want your capsule wardrobe to be? If the idea of colour coordinating your clothing makes you feel uneasy then stick to a minimalist colour palette.

As a professional stylist, I encourage my clients to explore different colours and tones that suit their natural complexions. However, if I was to put together a simple capsule wardrobe list to suit the majority, it would mainly consist of items in black, white, grey and beige – but mostly black and white. Yes, this is a very basic colour palette and if you were to work one-to-one with a professional or if you have a good idea of what colours suit you already, I am sure you would be able to come up with a much more complex blend of tones. Personally I’d recommend building a conservative capsule wardrobe using these tones:

  • Black
  • White
  • Beige
  • Blossom-pink
  • Blue-grey
colour palette for Modest Capsule Wardrobe

These tones suit the majority of people and are the easiest to mix and match. Plus, these shades can be worn all through the year!

Step 3: Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Finally, what do you add to your capsule wardrobe? What items should it contain? Well, for the conservative dresser here is a list of stylish but elegant options to include:

Bottoms: Black jeans, White jeans, Indigo jeans, Harem pants, Dungarees & Silk pyjama trousers

Tops: Long sleeve top, Vest top, T-shirt, Cardigan, Hooded jumper

Body Covers: Maxi dress, Kaftan, Jumpsuit

Accessories: Large shawl, Cross-body bag, Tote bag, Jewellery (your choice).

Footwear: Sandals, Trainers/pumps and Ankle boots. 

ONLINE PERSONAL STYLIST was founded by Luisa Kearney, a professional fashion stylist and editor who is passionate about providing women with an education in fashion, style and the ability to curate luxury fashion (ethical and sustainable) whatever your budget. Through Online Personal Stylist’s fashion blog and paid online personal styling services, your perfectly styled wardrobe is just a click away! Online Personal Stylist supports cruelty-free fashion and cosmetics, as well as encouraging its audience to upcycle and reuse clothing they already own. 

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Luisa The Online Personal Stylist

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Cute and Comfortable Shoes for Travel and Walking During Travels

Let's talk shoes today. Walking during travel is given and some days you will walk until you don't feel your feet anymore. The most amount of steps I take are taken during my travels. I track my steps through the health app on my Iphone btw! In this post, I have a few recommendations for shoes during travel. I break them based on the seasons: Fall/Autumn shoes, Winter shoes, Spring Shoes and Summer shoes. These are all very comfortable shoes that I wear on my travels. I actually don't have that many shoes, but I have enough to switch it up. I only buy new shoes every three years and only when we is completely worn out and I love that. I prefer to invest in a pair that would last than a cute, cheap one that would hurt my feet or get worn out after wearing it twice. 

Comfortable travel shoes for mild weather (Fall/Autumn shoes!)

I am a loyal customer of clarks shoes for years now. Each pair of shoes from there usually stays with me four years and I usually wear the same two the whole season. My shoes colours are safe so they go with everything I own even the very bright outfits I have. I wear these with trousers and dresses.  

Shop The Shoes

Clarks still do the same exact brogues. The ankle boots are slightly different. Here are the closest two I found online. Keep in mind I had mine for three years now that's why the exact boots are not avilable. I LOVE them though!

By the way, do yourself a favour and buy yourself some shoe horns. I actually pack the short one with me when I travel because these shoes can be a pain to put on and take off. I have the long one in my flat. It's one of the gifts of life that makes putting shoes on or taking them off SO EASY! My friends always like how I offer it to them when they visit! 

Comfortable travel shoes for cold weather (Winter shoes!)

When I went to Romania last January, I knew I would spend a huge amount of time outdoors walking and exploring. I didn't want my feet freeze off in that VERY cold winter, so I just took one pair of shoes with me that I wore. It was my leather Ugg boots! The style I have is not the usual cuddly ones that Uggs are known for. I have the ones that are leather on the outside and fluff on the inside. I live in London and it rains most days, I don't buy any shoes that are not good for rain! 

The only downside of these boots is that they are very outdoorsy, so going to restaurants in these always feels weird, so I got another pair of Ugg leather boots since the first ones were very comfortable. I got them two years later, but still! They are more stylish and have a little comfortable heels, but also SO warm. I wear them with dresses and when I know I am spending time indoors. Though they get a little too warm for indoors in some places that blast on the heating. 

Travelling with boots is tricky, so if you are taking one make sure it's the only one you are taking! Take another ankle boots or a walking shoes in case if you want to change it up.   

Shop The Shoes

Here are a few leather Uggs that are very similar to the two I use. The Jane Uggs are the brown stylish ones I have. 

Comfortable travel shoes for mild weather (Spring shoes!)

The shoes I wear the most are my clarks walking shoes and the brogues I mentioned in the Fall shoes. They are basic, comfortable and cute! I can wear them for HOURS without getting sore feet thankfully. 

 Like this on insta

Like this on insta

Shop The Shoes

The Clarks brogues are the exact ones I have. The other sporty/walking pair isn't there anymore so I found you the closest possible ones! 

Comfortable travel shoes for warm weather (Summer/Beach shoes!)

The summer in the UK gets surprisingly hot for leather some days, so I was obsessed with my colourful pair of Toms! I know they aren't suitable for rain and heat, but they were perfect for all the none rainy summer destinations I went to in the summer such as Greece, Italy, Portugal and Malta. They were so comfortable and perfect for the million hours I walk. I also loved my sea salt sandals, especially that you can wear them in the beach while swimming! It really freaks me out walking on the ocean floor for some reason and having those sandals on was just perfect!  

Note: Please don't sacrifice your own comfort for fashion. Your poor feet are the only thing that should matter to you!  

Comfortable, Cute Shoes for travel and walking during travels

Ps. I didn't even realise I had those many photos of my shoes and floors! hehe. They came very useful for this post! 

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Over to you: What are your favourite comfortable stylish shoes during travel or at home? 

Modest Dresses For Travels and Gorgeous Holiday Photos

Today's post is a fashionable one. Since I have been following some gorgeous fashionistas on Instagram, I really wanted to look amazing with maxi flowing dresses on my holiday, so last summer I went on a little bit of a shopping spree and got a few things from various brands and this post is about the pros and cons of the brands I got dresses from. This is not a sponsored post, but the links on here will give me a commission if you decide to buy something using them, which will be great for both of us! :D

First Modest Dresses Brand: Inayah

Let's start with the most obvious modest dresses brand Inayah. I have only got one dress from them. I got a modest white lacy dress for my friend's all white hen do dinner in Santorini.

Pros: It was a pretty and a good fit. 

Cons: It had a little slip in the back, which I had to sew to close, but it was a very quick fix. It was also a little see through, which I thought was pointless, especially that the whole point of their brand is modesty, so I wore something underneath it. In this case it was ok because the weather was a little cold. I would have struggled if it was proper Summer in Greece

Modest White Dress

Shop the look


Second Modest Dresses Brand: Touché Privé

Touché Privé is a Turkish brand and I ordered from them based on my friend's very positive encounter with them.

Pros: Their shipping from Turkey to the UK was great and I was really happy how quickly they shipped it and how quickly it arrived. My issue started with the DHL in the UK, who messed up big times with rescheduling the delivery and it was just weird drama. I had to wait two weeks to get it. All was DHL's fault though. The dresses that I ordered were very stylish and I always get complimented on them. The clothes are reasonably priced and good quality. The fabric is great for Fall and Winter. 

Cons: I mostly liked the clothes I ordered except for two tops. The fabric was just weird and the design looked so bad on me. I got in touch to return them or exchange them, but the brand wouldn't respond to any of my calls or emails, so I just kept them and donated them. Them going MIA on me made it a little sad because I would have bought from them again. I would only recommend them if you are sure you aren't returning anything and keeping whatever you are buying. I wouldn't buy white from them though because just like with Inayah their white dress is see-through and that's not great for a hot Italian summer. Their fabric is not amazing for Summer. 


Shop This Look: 

Third Modest Dresses Brand: SheIn

SheIn is an online brand that kept popping in on my Facebook, so I caved in! It was also my first time buying from them. I told you I went all in with my shopping spree. All I could think of was Instagram photos with flowing dresses. 

Pros: The thing I liked about them is that they had long sleeves maxi dresses that were not see-through or had cuts and slips. They actually delivered on modesty and style. I just wanted to wear one piece without layering. Portugal was going to be hot in July and I didn't want to melt. The dresses looked really pretty and people always want to know where I got the dresses from. In the photo,  I was in Portugal and I was stopped by another tourist, who complimented me. Such a good feeling! Please compliment your girl friends! 

Cons: Their shipping took much longer than promised. It took over three weeks for the dresses to arrive. I almost missed taking with them to holiday because they took so long to arrive. The brand apologised, but it was still not my favourite. The quality is as you expect for a very cheap price. The zippers are really poor quality. Usually when dresses are that cheap, that's what you get. 


Shop the look:


Fourth Modest Dresses Brand: Asos

I then saw a sale on Asos and just kept buying. I think it was the most amount of clothes I ever got in my life. I am on clothes probation now though. I haven't bought any clothes since the summer, so you should be proud of me.

Pros: The thing I like about Asos is that they are reliable and sell a few brands in one place. Not to mention the next day shipping is just great!

Cons: The only issue is that most of their maxi dresses need "hijabifying", which just means adding extra layers to make them Islamically modest like wearing a long sleeves top underneath the sleeveless maxi dress or leggings for the maxi dresses with slips, which I made work.  


Shop This Look: 

Modest Dresses For Travels. Muslim Travel Fashion

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Over to you: What brands would you recommend to get modest dresses that would be gorgeous on camera and feels great? I would especially love to hear about ethical fashion brands. 

Hijabi Friendly Outfits for an Island Holiday in Malta

Malta is a gorgeous island and having few pretty outfits to match is a must! I tried my best to look stylish while modest. I also needed to pick light outfit so I can survive the island's summer heat. Thankfully I visited Malta end of May, which meant that the weather was still beautiful and breezy. Hope you like the outfits!  

Hijabi Friendly Outfits for an Island Holiday

Shop This Look

Modest Fashion Ideas

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Modest Activewear Ideas

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Summer Modest Fashion

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PS. All outfits were packed in carry on, so that's fantastic if you like to travel light! 

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Practical & Modest Outfits for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The great thing about Bosnia and Herzegovina is that I didn't feel out of place with my modest wear. Lots of local Muslim females were dressed similar to me, which meant that everyone is used to it. It felt great. It's good to be accepted like that. Here are some of the outfits I wore there during early Fall in September. It was surprisingly warm! Hope they give you some ideas for your next trip!  

Modest Fashion Idea

Shop This Look

Modest Fashion Idea for Travelling

Shop This Look

Swimming Modest Fashion Idea

Shop This Look

Modest Fashion Look Idea

Shop This Look

Santorini Hijab Friendly Look book

Santorini is such a gorgeous Island. It is also the perfect backdrop to photos. I think I got the most Instgram likes on the outfit photos from Santorini. Here's what I wore the beginning of April. It was actually colder than expected (10-17 C), so I didn't feel warm with any of my outfits. They are more suited for the summer. Hope you get some inspiration! Ps. All was packed in carry on! :D 

First Hijab Friendly Island look: 

Top: Basic light jeans jacket from H&M

Neck Scarf: Primark 

Skirt: Next. I added the black panel at the bottom to make it Maxi

Maxi skirt and denim shirt hijab friendly look

Shop the look: 

Second Hijab Friendly Island look: 

Top underneath: Basic light jeans jacket from H&M

Sunglasses: ASOS

Dress: ASOS

denim shirt and maxi dress hijab look

Shop the look: 

Third Hijab Friendly Island look: 

Dress: ASOS

Ruffle maxi dress for hijab

Shop The Look

Fourth Hijab Friendly Island look:

Top: H&M

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Clarks  

Hijab Hiking Outfit

Shop The Look

Fifth Hijab Friendly Island look:

Dress: American Eagle

Maxi dress and hijab on a boat trip

Shop The Look

Sixth Hijab Friendly Island look:

Dress: Inayah

White Lace Maxi Dress with Turban

Shop The Look

By the way, You can pin these looks to your Pinterest board! 

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Hijab Friendly Outfits for a Warm European Destination

When I was packing for my Croatia and Bosnia trip. I only packed 7 outfits in a carryon bag to last me 11 days. Plus the weather was warm. So, I packed the lightest clothes that could be suitable for my hijab style. The details of outfits are under them! Hope they give you some ideas on what to pack for your next trip! 

Over to you: What's your favourite outfit? and what fashionable changes would you suggest? 

Travel Blogger in a Headscarf Q&A

 Morocco 2015. Photo Credit:     Piotr Fedorczyk

Morocco 2015. Photo Credit:  Piotr Fedorczyk

What does "hijab" and "Hijabi" mean?
Hijab - The Arabic word linguistically means barrier. It is commonly used to refer to the headscarf worn by Muslim women.  
Hijabi- an invented trendy phrase by youngsters meaning a hijab wearing female    

What's underneath the headscarf? 
Hair. Sometimes curly, sometimes straight, sometimes freshly washed, sometimes tangled etc. 

Who can see you without the headscarf?
All women and the males from the direct family (father, brother, paternal uncles, maternal uncles, nephew, father-in-law and husband).  

What exactly do you need to cover and what can you show?
The classic hijab covers the body and the hair. Three things are allowed to be shown (at least that's what the majority thinks): Face, hands and feet. 

Why is it worn?

  1. God said so. 
    First and for most, I wear it because it is one of the things God told women (in his holy book) to do. Maybe God meant it as a general term to be modest and maybe he meant it in a literal sense. People have endless arguments about this and I have not really done enough research in the area to give a 100% answer, but it feels right in my heart. Plus, during prayer and pilgrimage women have to cover their hair and the holy females of Islamic history has always covered, so that's good enough for me. 
  2. Standout from the crowd
    Some days, my headscarf makes me feel so empowered because why do I have to blend when I can be different? Why listen to whatever society wants me to do and look. Can I just be my unique self? The headscarf is not the only thing that makes someone stand out. Anything out of the norm, makes a person standout, but that's not always a bad thing. Humans always try to seek individuality with different hairstyles and colours, tattoos, piercing and so on. 
  3. Love me for my brains not my looks
    The headscarf covers the attractive attributes of a female like her figure and her hair. People should love and approach each other to benefit from one another because we are more than pretty and attractive creatures. Our brains (well if use them) set us apart from the rest of creations. It is important to attract the right kind of person with your brain power than your physique.  
 Morocco 2015. Photo Credit:     Piotr Fedorczyk

Morocco 2015. Photo Credit:  Piotr Fedorczyk

Can you take it off?
Yes. I just choose not to for the reasons I mentioned above. It's part of me emotionally & spiritually.

What does it mean to wear a headscarf?
Some people generalise and think that every woman that wears a headscarf is religious and every woman who does not, does not fear God. I personally think the headscarf is only one aspect which happens to be represented visually. Being religious is way more than that. For instance, you have to keep all your prayers on time, be very forgiving, be kinder to others and other really good things. I consider myself spiritual at this stage of my life.

How does it feel travelling with a headscarf on? 
It really depends on how cosmopolitan the place is. In London for example, most people do not care because it is very common, but in a smaller cities within the UK it could cause few curious looks. Sometimes when I go to new places and I am not sure about how people will react, I wear a woolly hat on top (if it's cold) or do a stylish head wrap of some sort. 

Travel Blogger in Hijab
Turban Style in Paris
Turban style in London

Why are there many Hijab styles out there? 
The beautiful thing about the headscarf is it can be interpreted individually because it is part of the personal relationship with the creator. Culture also has a hand in the various styles. I don't think people wear it better than others. I just think it's a very private and personal thing that happened to be visible.   

Can you be fashionable when you wear the hijab?
Yes! Have you seen the amount of hijabi fashionistas lately? It's really over whelming to see all those beautiful styles. I usually look at Dina TokioDian Pelangi, Noor Tagouri, Haifa Beseisso and Ascia akf for fashionable ideas. Although, I tend to stick to a very basic comfortable style like my outfits in Iran  and the six summer hijabi outfits for travelling

Does Hijab hold you back from having a great travel adventure?
I don't think so. It could be restrictive in some senses, but you can always work around most things. For instance, I still enjoy my beach time with a covered up swimsuit. I don't look fly, but at least my skin is protected. Read about my time Wearing a Burqini in Agadir, Morocco. Think about it this way, would wearing a hat, long sleeves and pants stop you from having a good time? 

 Lebanon 2010

Lebanon 2010

Final thoughts:
I don't know why the headscarf matters so much to everyone. Whoever wants to wear it should be respected and whoever doesn't want to wear it should be respected too. It's only a piece of cloth that could hold a spiritual meaning to the person wearing it. At the end of the day, we are who we are and being different enriches our societies and the human experience. Let's stand united with all our different looks and choices. 

Love and peace to you all! :)  

Iran Women's Clothing + What to wear when visiting Iran

What to wear in Iran + Clothing for women in Iran

Some of the questions I got after coming from Iran was: What do women have to wear in Iran? Basically women should dress in accordance with the Islamic dress code that is required to be worn by all females in Iran.  I wear the Islamic dress regardless, so it was not too hard to follow the rules. I wore the same outfits I usually wear in London. My Iran visit was during September, so the weather was still warm, so I packed light outfits. Keep in mind that it starts getting cold after that and they have a proper winter, so make sure you pack according to the month you are visiting. Find the weather of your destination here. 

The Islamic Dress Code for females and males in Iran:

The Islamic dress code for females in Iran means that the body and the hair need to be covered with loose clothing. Only the face and the hands are allowed. Sometimes the feet are fine, but some of the religious places I visited asked me to wear socks too, so keep some in case! Many Iranian women put the headscarf loosely on the hair and showing the front. That is acceptable in big cities and the capital. You will see it all over Tehran. Iranian fashion is also growing and there are so many creative manteau and scarves covered in traditional designs and calligraphy. 

Males in Iran also need to keep the Islamic dress code in mind. T-shirts and shirts are commonly worn. They are usually matched with trousers or jeans. Shorts are not common and if a man plans to wear some, I would advice that it's below the knees.  

You might also be interested in reading this: Travel Blogger in a headscarf Q&A  

Iranian traditional Clothes: 

There are two important components to the outfit of Iranian women: Manteau and Chador. The Mento dress is like a trench light coat that is buttoned in the front and comes down to the knees. The Chador is the loose fabric that is placed on the head to cover the full shape of the women. Mentos and trousers are the most common. Chadors are mostly worn in religious cities or by religious females. I would recommend darker colours when visiting religious cities like Qom & Mashhad because most people either wear black or darker outfits with a black scarf called maqnah. Though, colourful head scarves are accepted too. 

Islamic clothing in Iran

What to wear in iran: 

I packed seven outfits with me for my two weeks in Iran. I repeated some of the outfits because it would have been slightly inconvenient to carry 14 different outfits for everyday I was there. Keep in mind that I wore these things in the most touristy cities of Iran.

I packed one pair of trainers with me. I got them from Clarks Shoes and they were super comfortable for all the walking we did. I went during September & October. It was still warm and I packed the lightest hijabi outfits. Keep in mind, it's cold in the winter there so pack according to the weather. I didn't even bother with jeans and only packed three pairs of light cotton pants ( black & olive green from New Look and a patterned one from Stradivarius), three jersey head scarves ( black, beige & grey), few tops from H&M and Stradivarius and one maxi cotton dress from Koton.

What to wear when visiting Iran

Shop the look: 

What to wear when visiting Iran in the summer

Shop the look: 

Wearing Dresses in Iran
What to wear when visiting Iran

Shop the look: 

What to wear when visiting Iran

Shop the look: 

Shop the look: 

What to wear when visiting Iran

Shop the look: 

What to wear when visiting Iran

Shop the look: 

What to wear when visiting Iran

Shop the look: 

 Only one place required a loose fabric to cover the outfit aka chador. They supplied the chador -over head fabric- by the entrance. You return it after your visit. Location: Shah Cheragh, Shiraz. 

Only one place required a loose fabric to cover the outfit aka chador. They supplied the chador -over head fabric- by the entrance. You return it after your visit. Location: Shah Cheragh, Shiraz. 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate link. If you use any of the links, I will get a small commission with no extra cost to you.  

Hope you find these outfit ideas useful for your travels! :) 

Six Summer Hijabi Outfits for Traveling

Happy Summer days lovelies! 

I hope everyone is having a good summer full of adventures and days out. I find it hard to be outdoors during summer at times because I wear the headscarf & keep my body covered, which can be challenging when the temperature reaches 30 C & above. In May, I went to Fes, Morocco. It was only the start of summer there and the heat was bearable, but it was still HOT. I knew it would be hot before I even got there, so I packed accordingly. I was there for a week and had 20KG of luggage allowance, so I had the luxury of packing six outfits, one pair of walking shoes (from Clarks) & three jersey hijabs (I got them from Kuwait) . All very summery, cottony, airy & cooling. To add a little something to the outfits, I took four long chain necklaces with me and one bright orange nail polish (from the body shop). I think as far as modest/hijabi summer wear goes the outfits worked a treat. All the outfit details are under the images. Hope you can find these outfit ideas helpful.

Enjoy your hijabi holidays ladies :D 

Big thanks to the travel photographer & designer Piotr Fedorczyk for taking the first five awesome photos 

PS. I know my poses need some work. Will do better next time! :D