Noodle house, Muscat

Hello everyone!

Few months ago I was in Muscat and I still have lots of places to share with you. They will be coming at different times this month. Here is a nice place to eat in Muscat and the location is perfect. It's a mall restaurant. Shopping at Muscat City Center got me really hungry and noodle house was there at the right place at the right time. It was such a lovely place to eat and chill. 

Noodle house Muscat

I liked their branding and the huge logo at the door instead of a normal sign. Go big or go home ;)

Noodle house Muscat

I liked the open space of the restaurant and the causal feel of it, but if you know me from all my reviews, you would know I love a comfy chairs. Those backless chairs were cute as a design, but bad for the back.

The menu was really cool and it's actually what made me want to review the place. It's one thick notepad and you just check what you want and give them the page. No more missing orders or mix ups.  

Menu Design

They had few drink choices, but they weren't too exceptional. They were refreshing and complimented the food nicely.


Their food was really nice! They good options and it wasn't too oily or salty, which is hard to find these days.

It was a chilled out place. I enjoyed it.