Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a Full Drop

I am on my second day of a great Photoshop class at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London with the fabulous Manu Hecht. I already learnt some cool Photoshop tips and tricks and I thought I will share it with you all!

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a Full Drop

This tutorial is useful for textile/surface designers who are trying to make their own patterns from a specific design

A drop means dropping the design below

Step 1:

For a drop, it easier to start from a jpg, png or merged layers

Png could be better because it will be transparent (if you saved it that way)

Using a jpg might cause design problems

Step 2:

Create new empty layer from the new layer icon. D

Step 3:

Double the canvas size for that new layer

Canvas size double and make the anchor (original design) to the top left to organize the work

Step 4:

Make a copy of the original design

Step 5:

Offset the design accurately.

Filter > Other > Offset

Set the horizontal which is the movement to the right. I moved mine to half the canvas size.

Also set the vertical which is below to the right. I also moved it half.

Now you created a full drop

Note: if you use a jpg the background colour might be an issue, so just fill the layer with that background colour you have to match it