Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Different Colour Ways for One Design

Today, I attended a great Photoshop class at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London with the fabulous Manu Hecht. It's only the first day of three and I already learnt some cool Photoshop tips and tricks and I thought I will share it with you all! 

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating different colour ways for one design

Objective: Learning how to create simple shapes, linking them, grouping them and making different colour ways.

Step 1:

Start with creating a new file

1200 pxl * 1200 pxl

Then go to the grid from the edit >preference menu

Step 2:

Create a shape

  • Go to polygon.

  • Choose 8 sides.

  • Choose star from under the settings

To draw a star from the centre in perfect proportion

  • start drawing from centre

  • then hold Alt and shift

I created three stars. All from the centre, but slightly smaller

Make three different layers with different coloured backgrounds.

New layer, edit > fill > choose whatever background colour you want

Step 3:

Group three shapes (making the one star)

Select the three shapes, drag them to the folder icon and that will create a group

Step 4:

The star above is just a quick example, but the technique could be applied on any design

To create two more stars with different colours you would need to copy the previous star (or whatever design you have) drag the star folder to the new layer icon and that will do a copy

Note: Lock each folder when you are moving to the next and turn it off so colours don’t clash make sure the stars are linked as well so they moved together. Select them and click the link icon.


Star 1

Star 2

Star 3


  • Start a design and this will include multiple layers. In my case, the design was three stars as one.

  • Finish the design, select layers, move them into a group and name the group

  • Copy the group then change the colour ways to create a number of options

  • Make sure to lock the previous groups and hide (make invisible by turning the eye off) to make work clearer and to avoid clashes