Victoria and Albert Museum

Happy Sunday All! Sundays are great to relax and to go around town. People are happy and everyone is mostly chilled out. I spent my Sunday with my friends at one of my favourite museums in London, The Victoria and Albert Museum (AKA V&A). 

This museum has collection from all over the world. It's known as a source for art, design and photography. Going there will give you a preview of the world's crafts and arts. Really worth a visit. *mashallah* Here are few pix I took on my visit today. There are more to see in person! :)

Glass sculpture over the reception area 

There were a lot of people drawing in this area


Such a gorgeous tea set!

Middle East & Islamic Art:

A tea set from the muslim world!

Islamic patterns

I love the colours combo and the calligraphy 

More Islamic Patterns 

There was a massive Quran there!

Persian Carpet! It was HUGE! this is just a little part of it

The Garden: 

The weather was gorgeous! super windy, but lovely. Perfect for a quick garden stroll. 


Make sure you go visit!