Ben's Cookies

Yesterday, I tasted the best cookies I have ever had since I got to London!

They were the right level of moist, crispy and delicious. I even said MMMM after my first bite!

It was from Ben's cookies. I love food coincidences!

I walked into High Street Kensington tube station and was welcomed by a wonderful smell of baked cookies.

My stomach just rumbled from the smell and I knew instantly that I just HAD TO get a cookie lol.


First question I asked when I got there was if they had any alcohol in their cookies. I have been careful with this because I found out that

Millie's Cookies & Cupcakes

had alcohol in ALL their products as I was told by staff. Happily,

Ben's cookies

don't use any! *happy days*


When I checked their website, I was excited to find two things. First, they do online deliver in London! *hurray* Second, they have shop branches in the GULF! UAE, Kuwait and even Saudi! Sadly not East of Saudi, but still that's very cool!

I tried the dark chocolate one! 

They all look so good 

Ignoring the possible calories in that cookie, I think it's worth it. It would be good if they add gluten free & dairy free cookies to their range.

Feel free to share your experience with Ben's Cookies and other cookie recommendations in the comments below!