Wallpaper Obsession

Lately, I have been obsessed with wallpaper. There are just so many options. A lot of them are beautiful. Wallpaper, really change the essence of a room. It could be added to revamp a space. It's a less costly way then redoing the whole space. My old apartment had one feature wall with wallpaper on it that had a lovely shine to it depending on the amount of light it received. It really made all the difference.

Not a great picture, but I can't seem to find another

The wallpaper above came with the flat. It is pretty, but there is nothing super special about it. Just another floral print. Currently, the market has much more and it has went beyond just floral prints. The shops are full of new geometric wallpaper, unusual colours, soft pastels, textured and almost realistic pictures to create a new feel. Below, you will see some of my favourite wallpapers! :)  

Look how the wallpaper is giving a mysterious look to the place


If you can't afford a library that big, you can give the illusion that you do! ;)


That looks so expensive and realistic, like you actually have a cushion on your wall


The stone is wall is wallpaper! awesome right?


The wooden panels in pastels are wallpaper. It makes a huge difference.



There are more places that sell wallpaper, too. In the UK, the most known places are

John Lewis


Laura Ashley


Cath Kidston


House of Hackney

and more. 

Would you add any of these wallpapers to your home? Why yes and Why no. 

Any other Wallpaper places that you know of and would like to share? 

Please answer in the comments :)