Karren Brady At Middlesex University: Power Speech

Karren Brady

"Behind every successful man is a surprised mother-in-law." 

This week has been eventful, and tonight's highlight is the empowering and inspiring speech by Karren Brady, or as I call her Mrs. Sugar (since she is on the UK's Apprentice as Lord Sugar's right hand). Although she is way more than that. Her success is amazing. Karren Brady is surly a role model for Business women and entrepreneurs of all genders. Read more about her here. I am dying to read her book now more than ever!

We were very luck to have her tonight at Middlesex University for one of the PG Connect events.  

Karren Brady is even more beautiful in person

She was presented by Katie Bell.

Some Highlights from the evening:

  • Leadership is managing the minds and the hearts.  
  • In life there are three kinds of people:
    • - People who make it happen
    • - People who watch it happen
    • - People who wonder what happened 
    • The most important thing any business mind is define their core values. 
  • Live life with courage
  • When you are starting a business ask yourself the following questions:
    • - What are my core values?
    • - What kind of company do I want to start?
    • - What kind of environment do I want to create/ or work for?
    • - Who are the people you want to work?
  • Opportunities will come to you if you are open to them. 
  • Five things you need to keep in mind to achieve a successful business:
    1. Leadership. It is different from mangement. A true leader can get people together to achieve a goal you can't do alone.
    2. Ambition. Your fire, drive and it what sets you apart. 
    3. Determination. Keep going. How you react at tough situations shows your true determination.
    4. Attitude. Ask yourself "what's the worst that could happen?" 
    5. Direction 
  • Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work.   
  • Toughest thing about being successful is staying successful
  • Good is the barrier of being great


  • Three things Karren Brady looks for when she is hiring: 
  1. 1- Determination. Do your research and show your desire
  2. Communication. Don't be nervous and take the chance to sell yourself. Practice.
  3. Enthusiasm (that's the most important one of them all) 
  • Be energetic, and have a "I will" attitude 
  • In life there are three boxes: 
  1. Work
  2. Family
  3. Yourself

Everyone wanted an autograph and pix afterwards, wish she had more time


Students Networking

As Karren Brady said: "Without diversity you cannot receive success."