Job Interviews- Tips

Job interviews could be great fun or a terrifying experience. It is what you make of it. Bellow are some great pointers and tips from a lecture I attended at the Salford University by Fiona Christie

The first three seconds are crucial because this is how long it takes to form a first impression of course sometimes people get a horrible one, but then you can redeem yourself in the remaining time, but why would you spend the rest of the time trying to revers an impression instead of giving a great one from the beginning.

Make the first 30 seconds count: 

  • Dress well
  • Arrive on time
  • Walk into the room with confidence
  • Smile
  • Keep a good eye contact (not staring!)
  • Speak up with a clear voice
  • Have an open positive body language
  • Have a confident handshake

Top Tip: Make sure you arrive early, go to the restroom, wash your hands and dry them well, so when you shake the interviewee's hand you wouldn't have freezing cold hands or sweaty ones (part of forming a 1st impression)

What's the purpose of the interview?

  1. For the company to see if you are a good fit
  2. For you to asses the company

From an American Stat, they found out there are three real questions/purposes behind every interview:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will you enjoy doing it?
  3. Will WE stand working with you? (when making a decision between hiring people with the same skill set or level, the interviewee sometimes asks herself/himself how would I feel if I get stuck to go with this person on a long train journey?)

Top Tip: Show your passion and your love for the career/the job in the interview, sometimes this counts the most! 

  • Be prepared
  • Know yourself
  • Know the job
  • Know the Organization (do some research)
  • Know the details   

Here are some more tips in this Video (really good tips about preparations and some questions)

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Fore more tips, questions' examples and more please feel free to visit the Univeristy of Salford Career and Employability page 


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