3DsMax: Tires & Racks

How an object is constructed and what it’s made of



Starting with example about tires and racks (this file was given by the tutor and I had to complete it)

First move tire out of the way

By clicking w and moving the arrow

Now going to draw more shelves

To do so, review the snaps you have on by right clicking on the magnet symbol

Just click by the ones u want. 

Click box and draw it above the rack

Then copy the same shelf by clicking W then shift and move the arrow down

Move the tire back in the rack

Scale it if it was too big by clicking R and just playing with the arrows till the size is to your satisfaction

Copy more tires now

Type how many copies you want and click ok

Make them life-like by changing their angles through rotating R

Now put the other tire on top by selecting it (Q)

Keep changing them adding more till you are happy