3DsMax: Screen, Keyboard & Mug: Drawing Exercise

Making a Screen: 

Make a box

Convert to editable poly

Then you get selections in red on the side, choose polygon:

Then choose extrude from the side insert and choose extruding

Set the height to 2 cm

Now bring the top part of the box in the middle by using Bevel which u can select and use the mouse to bring it to center

Then extrude from the middle part I made with the bevel, and m

ake screen

Make box then convert it to editable poly and choose polygon.

Fix the screen by extruding it to the inside

Making a key board

Start with creating one key

And to do that create a box

Make sure it’s 3*3*3

Convert it to an editable poly

Change the color to give some contrast

Then choose polygon and scale the top to shrink it

Now we want to add a little dent in the top

So click tessellate to add more faces and apply it 3-4 times

Now go to soft selection and tick the box that says use soft selection

After selecting click move to make the little dent

Select the edges then click edges then chamfer

Right click on grey area click extra it brings array

First make sure you click preview

First go to 1D you have 10 units then go to first line and add Xs  then do 2D and Y

Then you will have rows of keys

Make a mug by creating a teapot and removing the lid

And scaling it