Present like you mean it

This is what I learnt from the lecture I attended in Salford University about giving successful presentation. I am also adding my own experience from teaching young students how to present, and from giving so many of them myself.

Here are

FIVE steps

for a GOOD presentation:

First thing is choosing a topic.

If the choice is all yours, pick something that you are interested in, you know so much about, AND something that interests the audience as well. If the topic is given to you, "make it work" and treat it as your own because you have to shine with it.

Second is RESEARCH


and not only on the topic you got, but on the audience as well. Knowing your audience is a key. For instance, having children will be different than having adults, and having adults fresh from high school is also different from having adults with PHDs. So, take this to consideration, and make sure to have it as part of your research.

Third is Preparation. 

You have done your research, and you know all the key points. Now is the time to put it all together, and prepare for greatness.

  • Have a consistent plan of your findings, and following this outline will be good to organize your thoughts:
  1. Introduction
  2. Summery of the main points (without giving everything away).
  3. Body 1 + explanation, example, or statistics
  4. Body 2 + explanation, example, or statistics
  5. Body 3 + explanation, example, or statistics
  6. Another summery to prepare for a conclusion, and in it make sure to touch on all the main points you mentioned above clearly just to remind the audience of what you said but without repetition.
  7. Conclusion
  8. Any questions part
  • Make up your mind on how you'll present all the above. Do you want to use powerpoint? Big Boards? another program? it's really up to you. As long as your comfortable with the method you choose, you should be fine.
  • NOTE: Please don't fill the slides, the boards, your notes or cards with loads of text and read it to the audience because it shows a lack of skill in presenting. Remember you are giving a presentation to show your abilities in talking and being comfortable around a crowd. Reading is a whole different skill, and I assure you that NO ONE appreciates a reader IN a presentation settings.

Fourth is Getting Ready.

Rehearse and practice your presentation because the day of the presentation you want to be READY not reading it for the first time. Read it to yourself OUT-LOUD and hear how you sound. For some reason practicing silently always feels right, but you can't know for sure till you hear yourself.


If you feel nervous, just reassure yourself that you'll be fine. NO one is going to eat you, so take it easy and try to

do your best

. Just Face your audience, smile, be clear with a good tone of voice, and give it your all.


eye contact is VERY important, but you don't have to look STRAIGHT into people's eyes, you can look at their foreheads or above their heads, and that will give the illusion that you are looking at that person.  

hope the above tips help you, wish you a successful presentations :)