Necessary Practices For Interview Presentation

From the different lectures I attended at the University of Salford, and the interviews I have been to, I came up with these tips, hope they are helpful for you all.

Going to an interview is very close to giving a presentation because you experience the nerves in both, and you have to present in both as well, so check my post about presentations




.  The only difference is you are only presenting yourself in other words you are SELLING your skill sets, personality, and everything that makes you YOU ;)

here are some tips that might help:

  1. Look the part, dress well and smart with maybe a creative spin on the look, but nothing too crazy; you want to look professional.
  2. SMILE, greet them with a bright smile and a firm handshake (not hard tho!) 
  3. Answer clearly, smartly and truthfully, and make all your answers consistent and related to how great you are. Also, prepare some answers for predicted questions just to be on the safe side, and I noticed that "what are your weaknesses?" it's annoying when you get asked that, but just make sure you have a smart answer for it; make it a positive weakness ;) and don't forget the "tell me about yourself". It will be handy if you read around common interview questions.
  4. Ask questions, when they ask you  "do you have any questions for us?" say YES and ask question related to the roll or the company to show that you are interested.
  5. Thank them for considering you and Hope for the job (maybe even visualize yourself in it!).

good luck in your search :)