Career Development Tips

From the different lectures I attended at Salford University, I learnt that there are certain qualities a graduate from the creative studies should have to prepare her to be accepted in her desirable job in

three steps

! :)


are the



and the quality of the final work; while studying make sure to do your best because that's what you will end up showing your future employer.


are the

marketing skills

to sell yourself.

There are so many qualified students, but they don't all make it because not all show their true potential from the start, and if you want to get a job that needs to be apparent. You can do this through having a well organized portfolio, a creative CV, a gripping cover letter, and make sure to be confidant, consistent and logical.





Since the beginning of history, being connected always worked! So, you have number 1 and 2, but have no circle of connection and networks this will make finding a job even harder. Use your university time wisely to form these relations with other, make sure you go to the career events, and just benefit from all the opportunities around you.