Basics of 3DsMax and Objects


This is the first session that I took in 3DsMax, and it's just an overview about the object and selection tools plus few more things. 

Create click circle then object type make a box

You can create an object if you know the size, by going to the right side menu

Right click you will get commands

Grid = G (to turn off and on)

Tea pot shape is good to test rendering

And you can change the components with unticking the boxes on the side

Select to modify

With a right click you can change the display/rendering

Stacking boxes and cubes while making few spheres on the side

Now, let's try the different selection tools: 

Fence select

Circular selection

Move circle select on objects you want

Rename an object: 

hit enter to rename. You can change the object color as well.

It is fun just to play around with the shapes for the first lesson! :)