Mixing Pictures: 2 pictures in 1

Do you have an item that you want to put a background to? or just want to be adventurous and do something different with your pictures? If yes THEN

here's a very simple way to add pictures together or to different backgrounds

*NOTE: these examples were done in class as practice to just give a quick understanding of the concept, you can do so much better just by knowing how the following simple rules are used.

*NOTE: The used Photoshop is the FIRST one! I know a bit backward, but that's the only one available in the university computer, but the tools DIDN'T change so u'll still get the idea :)

To get this as a result:

Just follow the steps bellow:

1- Find 2 pix

2- Make a sandwich (add one picture the other one)

3- Select the item you want to keep, and this case it's the red house, and you can do that by clicking 

Polygonal Lasso tool or the magic wand.

4- After selecting the item and wanting to delete the background, Press control+ shift+ I (which will reverse the selection to the everything BUT the item. Then press (DEL) Delete to get rid of it.

 5- Now, you'll have the house and the tree remaining.The next task is to place the house BEHIND the trees

 6- First resize the house to fit nicely by pressing ( control  and  T) which will put a square around the house and you can resize as you wish then click ENTER to confirm the change.

 7- To remove a random selection, Just click (control and D )

 8- back to tucking the house behind the tress

 9- you have two options: a- use eraser and erase the area in front of the tress, but if you aren't careful you might erase too much

 10- Or cut out the trees by selecting them, and then copying them ON the house, so they will be in the front

 11- Do a little bit of cleaning around the whole thing to give a nice out look, and you can use DODGE (highlighted bellow) to make the background lighter

12- and you can use Burn which is just behind the dodge tool  (highlighted bellow) to make the background or item darker

13- That's it! enjoy what you did and REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR WORK! :D